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FACE IT ORGANIC SERUM – A fabulous organic serum with 100% natural and 99% organic ingredients! Tina, founder of True Organic of Sweden created this product from her wish list, she wanted a serum that didn’t block pores and that could be used by both people with mature skin and breakout prone skin. This serum is great for oily, combination and normal skin of any age group.

Presented in a UV proof glass bottle to protect the sensitive oils, it has a potent mix of Chia Seed oil which is loaded with unusually high levels of phytonutrients and antioxidants, Safflower Seed oil which is a rich source of omega 6, Rosehip oil which stimulates collagen production, Vitamin E that prevents premature aging of the skin, Bergamot essential oil that is uplifting and promotes clear skin, and finally Geranium that tightens skin and increases circulation.

The natural Bergamot and Geranium scent is heavenly!

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Undercover Agent – Natural Deodorant

Undercover Agent 2016

This natural deodorant has organic ingredients and 99% natural ingredients and is free from synthetic aluminium and alcohol. It is made from just a solid moulded lump of crystallised alum, which is a naturally mined mineral salt.

When used in its pure state, Potassium alum will provide 24-hour odour protection by inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria, it allows skin to breathe and your pores are not blocked completely, additionally, it is hypoallergenic, and does not include ingredients like alcohol, parabens or aluminum chlorohydrate.

The only non-natural ingredient is baking soda, and this this deodorant comes in beautiful glass packaging.

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Sea Me Mask


This 100% natural mask will smooth, tone, tighten and moisturise skin for a gorgeous glow.

Seaweed is rich in beneficial minerals, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements and has a wonderful effect on any skin type but is really great for older skin as it has a tightening and freshening effect (which I love!) and has great regenerative properties which remove dead skin cells. Seaweed also restores moisture levels, oxygenates and detoxifies the skin, protects from environmental elements and it’s also great for improving the appearance of cellulite.

This formula is vegan, naturally fragranced with spearmint and peppermint essential oils that give it a freshness and it comes in a sustainable tube made of sugarcane.

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