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Specialist supplies and products for use in Bowen Therapy created by Helen Perkins Bowtech Instructor, and one of only 100 worldwide authorised to teach the original Bowen Technique as developed by founder Tom Bowen.


Bexters Soda Crystals


Natural, safe and environmentally friendly, Bexters Soda Crystals can be easily used at home or as part of a professional therapy treatment regimen. Their primary USP, in association with the purpose-designed applicator wrap is their ability to draw-out excess fluid to relieve swollen, painful joints and inflammation… as recommended by Tom Bowen, founder of the original Bowen Technique. Home use is simple and brings immediate relief.

The Crystals are endorsed by Ironman Australia where Bexters has long been the treatment of choice for top athletes and sportspeople to reduce swelling after injury and accelerate post-training recovery, now they are becoming more widely recognised in the UK and other parts of Europe.

They are recommended by complementary therapists, physiotherapists and sports massage therapists for reduction of swelling and inflammation, and have shown to have excellent results in accelerating recovery after injury and post-operative rehabilitation… reducing a swollen knee or ankle quickly brings better mobility, allowing you to resume gentle exercise/ training and get back to full fitness as soon as possible.

Effective treatment for relief of swollen ankles after a long day walking, running, sightseeing, shopping or simply standing for long periods. Especially beneficial in hot weather or after long-haul travel when feet and ankles might become swollen (the dreaded cankles!)

User feedback: ‘Seeing the effect of the crystal wrap was like magic… within three hours the difference was noticeable’

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Applicator Wrap





A purpose-designed pack or wrap developed and tested by Bowen Supplies for use with Bexters® Soda Crystals to reduce localised swelling and relieve painful joints, sprains and strains.

Made from hard-wearing cotton for easy laundering and re-use, the wraps come in various sizes for adults and children and for different parts of the body, including applicator mitt for the hands. Any crystal residue can be easily tipped into the basin and washed away

The range includes the Perkins Pocket®, designed for sporty types to keep in their kit bag with a small sachet of crystals. Start treatment immediately to reduce risk of swelling after injury.

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