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The founder and author of ‘Quantum Sobriety’ Jo De Rosa calls herself a previous ‘functioning addict’ and experienced addiction for years, to alcohol, cigarettes, food, partying, and other substances, hiding her problem to many people in her life as she led a dual existence as a party girl/yoga teacher. Jo is on a mission to change the conversation around addiction and has many offerings in her ‘Quantum Sobriety’ approach including meditation downloads, a book, online programme and residential retreats.

jo da rosa QS Book

Jo threw herself into her yoga teaching, practice, and meditation, at the same time living a double life as an addict, she felt totally powerless and alone and a conventional 12-step program didn’t appeal to her even though she knew she had a severe problem that needed facing.

Jo believes that joining others who are in the same position of dealing with addiction is a really positive step, jumping into a group of people with a mission takes the spotlight and pressure off you as an individual and this gives you more empowerment and more clarity of thinking.

Jo believes that Addicts are often strong willed and very driven, and through her teaching she shows addicts how to use their drive to do something positive rather than negative, changing the focus and using their drive for good

She doesn’t use the words ‘in recovery’ or ‘alcoholic’ – ‘Quantum Sobriety’ is about choosing your individual path of reality, with everything, including freedom, being possible. 

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“I have been struggling with addiction for years and felt I would never be totally free! Before this course I had tried to stop drinking but only got to once a month and never further as the urge was too strong, I just couldn’t completely stop. After starting Quantum Sobriety and from the 1st meditation I felt so different. I felt I was opening up to something different as it felt so different in my mind and body. With an amazingly supportive secret Facebook group too I thought this is it. I have not had a drink or even wanted one since starting and I can now go out and into a pub without feeling i’m missing out! It is for me an amazing miracle. Having an addictive personality too this course helps you find the core of the problem so you do not keep repeating the same addictive nature to alcohol, drugs, food and so on. Finally I feel free to be myself. The feeling is amazing! Feeling grateful for this course is an understatement. It gave me my life back that I thought I had lost forever. Thanks Jo for everything


“Quantum Sobriety is revolutionary!
I found QS nine months after I entered a chemical dependency program at a well-respected hospital in California, USA. That program was, of course, a twelve step program in conjunction with the hospital. The fundamental ideas promoted in AA never resonated with me. Having already known and been transformed by meditation at an earlier time in my life, Jo’s ideology made perfect sense. I am powerful. I can change. My brain can change. The possibilities in life are only limited by yourself.
QS’s guided meditations have helped me create new pathways to a struggle free, alcohol free life while giving you a community of like minded ‘Quantum Explorers’!!”