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Mike Dilke is the founder of Relaxback UK based in Hertfordshire. He is a civil engineer who became fascinated by the body as structure and so he researched into the huge rise in back problems, he believes this is at least in part down to poor posture and sitting for too long in the wrong position. He now sells some wonderful products that will change the way you sit and stand at work, making for a much healthier back, posture and overall health.


Back App Chair

Back App Black 02 (1)

The Back App is a wonderful chair that is very popular in Nordic countries where they really understand ergonomics and how to keep people in shape – we sit far too much….whilst at the office, while travelling to work, for leisure etc. –research shows that if we sit too much we are much more likely to suffer from back pain not to mention that’s it’s just bad for our general health.  ‘Sitting is the new cancer’ according to Tim Cook the chief executive of Apple. The Department of Health call sitting ‘a silent killer’ and say it’s as dangerous as smoking, it’s thought that if you sit for more than 8 hours a day it can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes and early death by 15 per cent.

Many of us suffer the torture of back pain and research gives evidence that Back App can reduce your back pain while sitting, help you maintain a better posture, and increase your movement when sitting. The comfy saddle seat along with the slightly higher sitting position leads to a more open hip angle which maintains your back’s natural lumbar curve, so you do not slouch and sitting upright is easier.

Placing feet and moving them on the balance ball will strengthen core muscles you use to balance. Giving gentle stimulation and a great core work-out, overall much better and healthier posture.
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Active Stand

 Back App


Standing at your desk can be much better for you. However standing still can get uncomfortable and the Active Stand is a simple solution to an old problem. The Active Stand simulates a gentle stroll while standing at your desk keeping you more comfortable and gently active.

The soft cushioning provides comfort and the ‘nobbly’ surface gives your feet a pleasant massage, burns calories, prevents blood pooling in your feet and ankles and keeps your mind more alert. The active stand is ‘squishy’ which is much more forgiving than a hard floor for your feet, and will keep you more comfortable, more efficient and healthier.

Burn calories at your desk, feel more comfortable standing, work standing up without being static all day long.  Great for the office or the home working environment.

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The Relaxback UK show on UK Health Radio

UK Health Radio

On this great show hosted by Mike, he informs and entertains listeners on topics mainly about musculoskeletal health. Mike also creates conversation around everything from running and injuries to aches and pains caused or exacerbated by different professions or trades.

Listeners are encouraged to think how they might move well, sit well and ultimately feel well. Other health and wellness items are also covered and for anyone interested in back health it’s a ‘must listen-to’ show!

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Win An Active Stand (value £181) from Relaxback UK to keep you moving when working at your desk