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Andy Coley and Jo Wilson are dedicated and passionate about teaching NLP in a unique, relevant and usable way. 

NLP works at both the conscious and unconscious level and allowing a deeper understanding of unconscious blocks enabling the chance to establish a healthy relationship with the power of our unconscious mind.

Through the power of NLP you can let go of negative emotions, learn to control your critical inner voice, empower yourself and your relationships and change your unhelpful and unwanted behavioural and thought patterns.

Both are qualified NLP Trainers, Master Practitioners and Hypnotherapists and have trained 1000’s of people in the art of applying NLP to their lives for work, health, sport, home, education or for coaching others. Jo is an experienced trainer and worked at senior level in primary healthcare and within both the public and commercial sectors. Andy received some NLP training himself and was fascinated and amazed how simple change in mindset can achieve massive changes in all areas of life. They ‘found’ each other during their own NLP training, and realised that they had very similar values, goals, motivation and work ethic. Their combined experience and skills complement each other, and they love sharing their knowledge with the people they work and train with. 



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They are NLP award winners and were nominated for the ANLP 2019 award. They are accredited by the ANLP (Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and the AIP (Association for Integrative Psychology) which means that their course curriculum has undergone a stringent review and approval process with strict criteria they must meet as an NLP training organisation. 

Their NLP training goes beyond the standard and is packed full of content, exploring many communication tools and behaviour techniques and also taking the time to look at how it can be applied to the learners personal, work, social and family lives. Anyone who takes the NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner courses can also re-attend again for free and receive a free 3-month membership of the ANLP and access to their incredible resources and support. This is just one of the ways that Andy and Jo continue to support their clients, offering the opportunity to refresh skills and re-immerse in a supportive and safe community. They also offer continued updates, high quality on-line learning resources and are always at the end of an email or phone to answer questions. 

Beyond Training Solutions offer clients membership to their ‘Beyond Learning Zone with exclusive access to videos, blogs, documents, technique explanations, forms, monthly on-line and live practice group with the opportunity to meet other Practitioners and Master Practitioners, ask questions and make new connections. 

NLP is a powerful tool that can be used to gain more control of life and to make ambitions a reality. Many people attend NLP training to learn to assist others, perhaps in a coaching, mentoring or leadership context. NLP is also an incredible skill to have on a more personal level, teaching how to handle difficult situations, increase confidence and self-esteem, improve resilience, communication skills and even offer a new outlook on life. 

Those who want to enhance their coaching skills, or train as a coach, leave the course with a huge toolbox of skills that enable them and their clients to make quick and lasting change, and to become the best coach they can be. 

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