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Created and based in Whitstable, Kent, Lotus Therapies specialise in creating handmade, natural products and therapies designed to nourish your body and soul. Their natural products are tested on a wide variety of skin types to ensure that they nourish and pamper without the need for harsh chemicals.

Lotus Therapies have a mission to help you detox your body, mind and bathroom cabinet! They believe that looking after your skin and your body shouldn’t be at the cost of the environment and so they use ethically sourced natural ingredients and all their packaging is fully recyclable and plastic free, they also do what’s possible to ensure their carbon footprint is as small as possible.


Ollogii Balancing Facial Oil


Handcrafted from the finest natural ingredients, the Ollogii range is designed with ethical luxury in mind. Created using a small selection of quality ingredients, this facial oil helps to lock moisture within the skin and feed the skin with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

This is perfect for sensitive skin types and acne prone skin and has a gentle and fresh floral citrus scent. Suitable for all skin types.

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Ollogii Anti-Ageing Facial Oil


Ollogii’s multipurpose Facial Oil nourishes every part of your face. Created using a blend of powerful natural oils, high in antioxidants and palmitoleic acid, this luxurious oil is a perfect combination for mature and dry skin. Scented with Frankincense essential oils, the woody aroma heightens the luxury of applying this product.

This is also the perfect natural moisturiser for beards and curly hair, reducing the number of products that you need in your bathroom cabinet.

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Love Your Pits Patchouli and Lime Deodorant


Our award-winning Love Your Pits Deodorant was designed following extensive work with cancer patients and we actively encourage our customers to check for lumps and bumps when they apply it.

This natural deodorant starts with a maceration of Calendula in Coconut Oil, which soothes and nourishes the skin. A variety of clays are used to absorb moisture and remove toxins together with a small amount of Bicarbonate of Soda to help eliminate odours. Essential Oils are added, mainly for fragrance, but these too have wonderful properties; Patchouli is a wonderful healer of broken skin, Lime and Neroli are natural antiseptics and help kill bacteria, and Ylang Ylang apart from smelling beautiful is also a great antiseptic.

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Practitioners and Therapies 

Over the last 25 years, Caroline has developed a passion for real Body Work and offers therapies ranging from Holistic Massage and Deep Tissue Massage, all the way through to Traditional Thai Massage and Reflexology.

Each therapy session is designed to suit the specific needs of the client. Following a full consultation, designing and combining treatments to meet their desired outcome.

Over recent years Lotus Therapies has increasingly started working with clients living with Cancer and have extensive experience working with hormonal issues, ranging from Endometriosis to Perimenopause and beyond.

All treatments take place in the peaceful and tranquil Cabin, which provides a stress-free atmosphere to fully absorb and appreciate the bodywork.

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