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Alcohol is so ingrained in our culture, particularly in our social conditioning and addiction is seen as a very negative and shameful thing. Jo De Rosa knows all there is to know about addiction, to alcohol, cigarettes, food, partying, and other substances. She calls herself a previous ‘functioning addict’ and experienced total powerlessness.  

Even though she knew she had a severe problem a conventional 12-step program didn’t appeal to her, so using her yoga teaching, practice, and meditation, over time she gained insight into why she was in such a place, and from there she created Quantum Sobriety and is on a mission to change the conversation around addiction. 

Jo believes that joining others who are in the same position of dealing with addiction is a really positive step, jumping into a group of people with a mission takes the spotlight and pressure off you as an individual and you will definitely feel more empowered, with more clarity of thinking and generally feeling healthier both physically and mentally.  

She doesn’t use the words ‘in recovery’ or ‘alcoholic’ – ‘Quantum Sobriety’ is about choosing your individual path of reality, with everything, including freedom, being possible, and has many offerings in its approach including meditation downloads, a book, online programme, personal mentoring and residential retreats. 

Quantum Sobriety Book



Underpinned by meditation, Buddhism and quantum physics yet written in a ‘girl-next-door’ non-academic language, the Quantum Sobriety®️ approach will guide you step by step towards freedom. 

We all fall somewhere on the addiction spectrum and whether that manifests as alcoholism, binge-eating or an angry tongue, it is created by unhealthy and destructive excess. This book addresses how we can overcome disharmony, primarily through meditation, to find balance and peace with ourselves. 

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Quantum Sobriety Online Programme 


This ‘school of life’ programme begins with 12 months of intensive teaching; two meditations per month, one of 30-minute duration and the other just five or ten. Minutes so easy to listen to and fit into your schedule. 

Over the course of the year you receive the tools you need to deal with different situations such as seasons, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries etc. and shown how to fully create a new habit and new life for yourself. In the second year the teachings are deeper, and look at the maintenance stage of sobriety, and then in the third year you are able to witness the transformation in your own life you start to look at how you can pay this forward into your immediate environment.  

There is a safe and private forum where the Quantum Sobriety team and community at large will be there to support you in your journey. Weekly livestream teachings, live webinar Q&A are held regularly to progressively remove layers of beliefs and conditioning that may have held you back and the choice to have the life that you’ve always dreamt of is yours. 

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Quantum Sobriety Mentoring 




An exclusive number of sessions per week are available to those looking to expand their consciousness and become more of their true selves.  

Laser focused mentoring with Jo is available on addiction, finding your calling, building a successful spiritual business, or creating a stable personal practice in meditation, journaling, yoga etc.  Jo has a wealth of personal experience and knowledge and the ability to unlock the potential that is already within you.
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