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True Veda founded in 2015 is a family run business bringing organic, best in class Ayurveda inspired supplements to the world, founded after being frustrated with other low-quality cheap supplements on the market that were full of rubbish like additives, fillers and binders. They are an ethical business who create premium supplements that focus on being as close to nature as possible, they refuse to compromise and developed an innovative process called “Natural Fusion Extract®” where they take the best elements of plants to create a really concentrated form. This technique locks in the goodness while keeping out the nasty solvents that are typically used, and when coupled with the best organic ingredients, produce amazing supplements.

Health and wellness advocates, as sustainable and ethical as possible, and always a portion of profits are directly donated to many charities and good causes they support to make the world a better place, in line with their company ethos; Our World, Your Health. They are currently supporting Akshaya Patra Foundation and for every purchase made they will donate a meal to a child in India.


Organic Ashwagandha


These are the highest quality Ashwagandha ingredients, created via a process that took True Veda 15 years to develop and refine, to enable them to deliver a full-spectrum root extract that gives maximum benefits and at least three times the potency compared to other brands.

Absolutely zero additives or preservatives, just pure unadulterated, concentrated Ashwagandha. KSM­66® is the Award-winning premier root only Ashwagandha extract, and the most proven available on the market today. Completely natural and suitable for vegetarians & vegans, ZERO fillers and binders to create tiny easy to swallow capsules.

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Organic Turmeric Gold


Turmeric is one of the most powerful herbs on the planet when it comes to health benefits, and True Veda have pioneered and patented a technology that combines CO2 and water based extracts to create supplements that use all  active plant extracts extracted from nature in the most natural way which creates extremely concentrated supplements, so a little goes a long way.

Award winning Turmeric Gold contains curcuminoids, turmeric essential oils and a full range of turmeric active ingredients including Piperine and Gingerols. Absolutely zero additives or preservatives, just a pure unadulterated, concentrated supplement. The addition of organic ginger and black pepper enhances absorption and substantially increases potency.

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Organic Amla Vitamin C


Amla is a sour-tasting gooseberry-like fruit that originates in India and contains an extremely high concentration of vitamin C, one of the highest known in the plant kingdom – twenty times that of an orange!

The vitamin C contained in the Amla fruit is stabilized by the presence of tannins, which help Amla to maintain its vitamin content even through processing. The world’s first non-synthetic supplement to give you 100% of your daily Vitamin C requirements in the most natural form.

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