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Wild Life Botanicals is the pioneering creation of Cornish Sea Salt co-founder, Ellie Bradshaw. Ellie’s search for a sophisticated social alternative to traditionally high ABV wines, Champagnes and Prosecco’s was left a little flat, and with her background in luxury food, drink, and hospitality, teamed with an appreciation of plant power, she dreamed of a new kind of drink for conscious drinkers that want a no limits way of life with no compromise.

Working with a highly respected naturopath and medical herbalist; a leading international oenologist; an award-winning taste and sensory developer; and a master brewer and food scientist, Ellie has created an ultra-low alcohol sparkling wine, unlike anything else on the market, with added health and wellness benefits. 

For centuries botanicals have been used for their health-giving properties, and Wild Life Botanicals uses their handpicked Fabulous Five for their health and healing, as well as their Active Eight vitamins and minerals for their combined natural goodness. Put simply into 3 words….#BubbleswithBenefits


 Wild Life Botanicals Blush  



Just one glass of Wild Life Botanicals delivers between 15% and 60% of your daily reference intake of the blended vitamins and minerals with fewer than 35 calories per glass, so you could enjoy over 20 glasses of Wild Life to imbibe the same amount of alcohol as one glass of Champagne. 

“This sparkling rosé pouts with juicy, wild strawberry aromas, followed by a notably rounded, mineral palate evoking rosehip tea, strawberries and cream, and Cornish orchard fruits such as crab apple and red apple.”  

DOUGLAS BLYDE, wine writer and expert 

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Wild Life Botanicals Nude  




Wild Life Botanicals Sparkling Nude entices with vivid green hints, followed by a generous perfume evoking seasonal gooseberry, greengage and even young banana. On the dry palate are tickly Champagne-like bubbles encapsulating the freshness and zing of lime and mango.” 

DOUGLAS BLYDE – wine expert 

Both options come in gorgeous packaging and can be bought individually, as a case, or gift boxed. 

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