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It’s been labelled by some scientists as ‘the hidden sickness’ and is linked to everything from headaches, insomnia and fatigue, to depression and even cancer and it seems that some of us are more sensitive than others. EMF (electromagnetic field pollution) is the invisible pollutant from mobile phone masts, pylons, satellites, and of course Wi-Fi which is everywhere, (whether you have a router in your home or not) and modern convenient gadgets.

Whilst we may love the convenience of modern technology there’s no denying that the high-tech environment surrounding us today may have a serious impact on our well-being. With the expansion of the 5G network, there is now significantly more electromagnetic radiation and effective protection is therefore more important than ever.

Bio Protective Systems is a UK based company set up in 2006 to distribute the Green 8 Bio Protection Products to take care of human lives, vegetation, planet and the biological system, which are being affected by the volumetric amount of Electro Magnetic Radiation. All Green 8 Bio Protection products create a protective sphere so they protect all living organisms within the surroundings.

GREEN 8 evolution 5G


For everyone who wants a reliable protection whilst using a phone. This is the ultimate harmonisation for all 5G and 4G smart phones and can also be used on an iPad or tablet. Just fix the foil to the back of a Smart phone or out of sight in a Smart phone case, it’s trouble-free phone use without the discomfort that comes with regular mobile phone use, particularly “Hot Ear” which can happen on long calls. Using the GREEN 8 evolution 5G your phone may produce less heat and may emit cleaner, harmonic energy.

If you experience fatigue whilst using electronic devices it may be related to EMF, many people report relief when using GREEN 8 evolution products. It’s peace of mind and you can rest assured that you are doing what you can to help your friends and family to be protected.

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Green 8 Premium Body Harmoniser 5G


Strengthen your body’s own energy field with this great little device which protects up to a radius of 0.5 metre. The Green 8 Body Harmoniser is a small round energised Stainless Steel Metal-Chip, 23 mm in diameter with a black cord, that can be worn on the body, ideally over the solar plexus chakra to neutralise and protect against exposure to radiation from mobiles, computers, and modern technology to help reduce the adverse effects such as feelings of exhaustion, hormonal dysfunction, headaches, sleep disorder and nervousness.

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TRANSFORMER 28-5G can be placed next to the Wi-Fi routers in your home or office to create a more positive and relaxed working environment, enhancing the quality of the environment for yourself, your children and your pets. Designed to neutralise EMF radiation it creates a permanent protection zone within a radius of 33 m in any direction – all around your living area. At the same time, geopathic interference zones such as water veins or ground radiation as well as Wi-Fi radiation from neighbouring routers are reliably neutralised.

Users report improved sleep and waking up refreshed. Typical stress symptoms such as nervousness, restlessness, headaches, tingling in hands or legs may gradually disappear, as well as improved mental clarity, feeling stronger and more energetic, balanced and vital.

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