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FYX is the first collagen water drink in the UK, a healthy and hydrating 2500mg Marine Collagen drink that has been designed to help replenish your body’s recovery and enhance your skin, hair & nails. Available in two refreshing flavours. With no added sugar and only 31 calories, FYX can help your body recover and boost your beauty from within.




As the body ages, the natural production of collagen reduces making skin wrinkle, hair strength brittle and nails weaken.Collagen is well known in the beauty world to help repair your skin, hair & nails, often referred to as the Fountain of Youth.

FYX Beauty have created the perfect elixir of ready-to-drink collagen infused with Lemon & Lime, Moringa Tea, Aloe Vera and Lemon Balm to replenish your body from the inside and out.

Marine Collagen helps to repair and replenish hair, skin and nails, lemon and lime are known for rejuvenating antioxidant properties to flush your body of impurities. Moringa tea is packed with amino acids that can help you burn weight faster. Lemon balm can help reduce the signs of fatigue and improve sleep, and Aloe Vera can help improve hydration and elasticity in your skin.

Ready to drink, no mixing required, has the consistency of water and comes in a recyclable bottle. Choose from different subscription plans to save!

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Collagen is known for its repairing benefits on the exterior with little knowledge known about its amazing benefits to help with the repair of damaged ligaments or improving joint health. It can also speed your recovery pre and post exercise.

2500mg of Marine Collagen in every bottle, helps restore the structure of muscles, ligaments, skin and tissues in the body – even improve your performance and joint function. Raspberry is rich with antioxidants that can boost your immunity. Acai Berry is known for boosting stamina and revitalising cognitive function, White tea can help with weight loss, and Aloe Vera helps to relieve muscle pain and can help with digestion.

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