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Founded by Louise Allen, Rhythm of Beauty is a unique and revolutionary beauty and lifestyle brand that stands for ‘honouring your true nature naturally’, harnessing the gifts of nature to align with seasonal and celestial laws.

Combining seasonal, natural flower & plant essences, Rhythm of Beauty and was born from Louise’s desire to create beautiful skincare that translates the secrets of nature into living products that work in harmony with our skin and well-being.

All herbs and flower essences are grown and wild crafted by Louise and her passion is to co-create with mother earth, show huge reverence to each flower and plant and translate their life force into each lovingly hand-crafted product. With her knowledge and passion Louise has created a complete collection of Seasonal and Celestial products, that are created in tune with the moon cycle, 100% natural, and packaged beautifully in an eco-range of glass packaging, which extends the shelf life of each product naturally.

Guardian Angel of Breast Oil



A truly unique oil formulated to work gently but in unison with your lymphatic system to remove toxins and improve the flow of chi to the breasts. High vibrational oil of violet, organic frankincense and sandalwood combine together to boost the immunity of health and regenerate skin cells.

This is heavenly to use and is easily absorbed into your skin, it uses nurturing lady’s mantle and nourishing rose oil combined with the powerful firming and healing properties of hibiscus, horsetail and edelweiss. A wonderful product that takes care of your breast health.

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Seasonal Day cream with Vitamin A and Q10


It’s beneficial to think seasonally with our skincare as it is with our food. Rhythm of Beauty’s unique creams use the signature of the season’s botanicals to work in synergy with the body.

This revolutionary face cream uses the power of flower essences to access facial meridians to release tiredness, facial tension and stress which all contribute to signs of ageing. It’s a complete nutritious cocktail of skin super foods including Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Coco seed butter, powerful antioxidants of Q10, vitamin A and E, and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil to purify, uplift and boost skin radiance and clarity.

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Seasonal Flower Essence




This essence has been created to imbue the vibration of the season working in synergy with the wood element (liver and gall-bladder health) to open up emotions to be expressed freely. Created to uplift and to encourage hope and cheer and renew enthusiasm for life. To ring in love, compassion, protection and safety, and release tension and rigidity- to go with the flow

Use this essence as a drink in water or added to creams. You can also apply to liver meridian and solar plexus chakra.

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Celestial Boho Glow


Revolutionary and powerful natural ingredients combine for the ultimate skincare repair treatment. Celestial Boho Glow contains skin tonic pearl: to brighten, smooth and enhance skin luminosity, a potent infusion of gold which calms inflammation, aids regeneration and prevents cell damage.

Hyaluronic acid boosts collagen synthesis, increasing moisture retention and reducing moisture loss. Your skin appears glowing as the name suggests! It feels lifted and plumped, deeply replenished and nourished, leaving an illuminated dewy complexion which radiates with health.

Not only will your skin look great, but the ingredients are working to prevent cell damage and keep the skin tight, pure, and youthful. It can be used as a night treatment or as a treatment masque twice weekly.

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Rhythm of Beauty Certified Training and Retreats



Rhythm of Beauty train and support therapists, coaches, and practitioners working in the field of beauty, massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and holistic health, so that you can integrate the wonderfully beneficial products and lifestyle techniques unique to Rhythm of Beauty alongside your own work, and use the holistic techniques and treatments yourself to ensure you are supporting your own needs.

If you have a professional qualification or are currently training check out how Rhythm of Beauty can support and nurture your own holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

They run Seasonal Alignment Training which teaches how they have mirrored their skincare line to the seasons, and how to attune skin and life force to the bigger picture, which is governed by the elements:

WINTER: Water – Retreat & Restore

SPRING: Wood – Growth & Unfurl 

SUMMER: Fire – Expand & Transform 

AUTUMN: Earth – Balance and Nourish

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