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Dr Bunmi Aboaba is a Food Addiction Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner whose own recovery journey to heal from struggles related to both alcohol and sugar started in 2008. She works with Energy Medicine, Reiki, Crystals and Spiritual Response Therapy, aligning her practice very keenly with strengths-based recovery and working with clients across the spectrum of disordered eating. She also works with crystals to assist with weight loss and empowerment (think Adele) as crystals attune to vibrations, and have the users best interests at heart, especially around weight loss. Crystals are an ancient tool increasingly recognised and respected today for their ability to positively impact and transform lives. The wisdom and expertise required to effectively combine the unique energy of crystals is rare and specialised.


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Dr Bunmi uses a selection of special crystals such as Amethyst which reduces craving, Bloodstone which stimulates detoxification, and Citrine which eliminates what you do not need-physically or emotionally, and can help improve digestion.

She works with clients using the ‘R4’ programme which is built around 

RELATIONSHIP – the focus of the program is to get the client to change their relationship to food. 

REFRAME – creating a positive body image and notion of self. 

RESILIENCE – exploring triggers, craving control, relaxation techniques, gratitude practice, and how to transform negative thoughts. 

RECOVERY – looking at abstinence, why diets don’t work, recovery plans, relapse prevention and the relevance of gut health.