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Amanda Thomson, Founder and CEO of Thomson & Scott loves sparkling wine and loves to know exactly what’s in her bottle, so she created a delicious, luxe, non-alcoholic sparkling Chardonnay and a Rosé that are also 100% organic and vegan certified. 

The organic grapes used in Noughty are grown with minimal intervention in the harvesting and production process. No animal by-products such as crustaceans, egg or fish, are used in the filtering process meaning it’s also vegan friendly and suitable for those on a Halal diet. Thomson & Scott also avoid adding unnecessary sugar to the production process, so this is great if you are conscious of your sugar intake.

Bottles are 100% recyclable, as is the cork, cage and box. 

They are B Corp certified because they believe in the importance of sustainability – making sure that from the moment grapes leave the vineyards, every step is as environmentally conscious as possible. They believe in profit with purpose and are proud to be one of a handful of companies worldwide that has been granted B Corp status.


Noughty Alcohol-Free Organic Vegan Sparkling Chardonnay




100% organic Chardonnay grapes from the sandy and calcareous vineyards located in southern Spain, the wine is de-alcoholised using an historically patented technique without any additional sugar or artificial aromas but retaining the rich flavour of beautifully crafted Chardonnay.  

With 2.9g of sugar per 100ml, it’s almost half the sugar content of other non-alcoholic wine. Traditionally made in stainless steel vats by vacuum distillation with aroma recovery. The wine is lightly carbonated and has an elegant pale colour with a crisp and ripe apple scent accompanied by a touch of sweetness.  

Great for aperitif and party nibbles, as well as with all manner of cuisine for those who choose not to drink alcohol.

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Noughty Alcohol-Free Organic Vegan Sparkling Rosé



Noughty Rosé alcohol-free organic vegan sparkling has been dealcoholised to retain the rich flavour of this beautifully crafted bottle. Made with 100% organic Tempranillo grapes from Southern Spain.With 5.9g of sugar per 100ml, it has almost half the sugar content of other non-alcoholic sparkling. And with just 18 calories per glass, it’s the perfect answer to a hangover free celebration.

Noughty Rosé sings with salted and spicy nibbles as well as complementing Asian food and a wide variety of dishes. It has a beautiful classic rosé colour with a scent of freshly picked berries. The balance between sweetness and acidity is in perfect harmony.

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