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Troo wants to help people live longer, happier and healthier lives through better gut health. They create great tasting, high-fibre food full of gut healthy goodness with their range of low sugar, vegan-friendly, gluten free Granola, Porridge and our Inulin syrup.

Troo was cooked up, literally, in Helenor and Mike’s kitchen back in 2017. Combining their passions for great tasting, healthier food that helps support good gut health, Helenor and Mike (and their two children) took Troo from being a make your own, low sugar granola kit to a range of gut health food in plastic free packaging. Being the first food company in the UK to launch a cereal product using 100% compostable packaging. Being a responsible, eco-conscious company is at the heart of what they do.



Troo Boost Granola with Super Berries and Vitamin C.

A fibre packed gluten free concoction of roasty toasty oats, nuts and seeds boosted with super berries and vitamin C. With 9g of fibre (almost 30% of the recommended daily requirement) and less than 3% sugar. Traditionally, fruit-based Granola is normally high in sugar – not Troo! Each portion of Boost Super Berry Granola contains just 2.2g sugar.

Freeze dried raspberries, blueberries and blackcurrant powder, along with vitamin C and a blend of nuts and seeds and oats create this fantastically fruity Granola. Chicory Root Fibre (inulin) is used for a little sweetness which also adds fibre.  

With no added preservatives, fillers or bulking agents – just naturally, nutritionally-dense super healthy ingredients. Suitable for people looking for a gut-healthy option; those seeking gluten free products, vegetarians and vegans.

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Troo Spoonful of Fibre – Pure Inulin Syrup



A great way to add prebiotic fibre to your diet. Just a spoonful a day is scientifically proven to bring lots of gut health benefits. Delicately sweet with no aftertaste – use as you would honey.  Chicory Root Fibre Syrup is completely plant based and is a delicate Sweetener with no aftertaste. With half the calories of sugar, this is a healthy sweetener. At 65% fibre with a low GI and vegan friendly, it makes a great alternative to honey and other sugar syrups and it’s very versatile – you can spoon it, spread it, and bake with it.

Particularly suitable for people looking to add fibre to their diet; those on low carb diets (KETO); if you are looking for low sugar options and those who have trouble sleeping.

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