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Prickly Pear Cactus Hydrating Facial Care collection




Inspired by succulents like Prickly Pear and Aloe Vera, this range deeply hydrates skin by reactivating the skin’s natural ability to store and regulate moisture. 

Prickly Pear contains vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids to keep skin looking fresh, healthy and plumped with hydration. The texture is light, non-greasy and easily absorbed, while pure essential oils such as green mandarin, invigorating peppermint and soft floral notes of palmarosa provide an uplifting scent.

The collection includes 24h Hydrating Facial Cream, Facial Lotion, Hydrating Eye Gel  and Hydrating Facial Mist, all Vegan NATRUE-certified. Weleda’s Prickly Pear cactus is sourced from organic farming partners in Mexico where it thrives in volcanic soils, supply chains are UEBT certified, to verify that biodiversity is conserved, ingredients are sourced sustainably, and that all partners along the supply chain are treated equitably and paid fairly.

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Aroma Shower collection




This new range of mood-enhancing shower gels and creams is inspired by the scents of the natural world and their proven aromatherapeutic benefits. 

LOVE Pampering Creamy Body Wash is inspired by the original Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash enhanced by rich tones of jasmine and ylang ylang for a fresher yet still intoxicating aromatic profile.

RELAX Comforting Creamy Body Wash is reminiscent of the original Lavender Creamy Body Wash, the lavender heart is now finessed with brighter top notes of bergamot and base notes of warm woody vetiver for a comforting moment of tranquillity.

ENERGY Stimulating Shower Gel launched during 2020’s lockdown, renamed ENERGY,  it has earned itself a permanent place in the Aroma Shower line-up with its essential oil blend of ginger, citronella and cedarwood to energise and uplift.

HARMONY Wellbeing Shower Gel has the power of essential oils of silver fir, Siberian fir and lavandin for an invigorating ‘forest bathing’ experience.

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Skin Food Body Butter (new glass jar)

SkinFoodBodyButter_150ml -glass jar

Weleda is now repackaging the sumptuous Iconic skin food Body Butter in a premium glass jar for Weleda’s Centenary year. The new green glass jar not only looks classic and more luxurious, it also offers sustainable benefits because as well as being easily recyclable it is made from recycled glass.

Harnessing the powers of Weleda’s original and well-loved Skin Food, fragrant body butter imbues skin with a unique combination of botanical extracts. Wild pansy, calendula and chamomile help soothe and comfort dry skin, while organic shea and cocoa butter leave it intensely nourished and petal-soft. The fast-absorbing butter leaves a non-greasy feel to skin whilst providing lasting hydration. The all-natural fragrance leaves a lingering scent of sweet orange, aromatic lavender and mellow  balsamic benzoin. Let the luxury soak in, for supple skin.

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