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Heather Dawn Godfrey’s fascination for essential oils began nearly fifty years ago, when she was introduced to integrated medicine (or, alternative medicine, as it was coined then) and meditation as a teenager in the early seventies; a period that saw her living in an Ashram for some time in her quest to find clarity about ‘what is life about’.  

Heather worked as junior secretary for the Company Secretary of Lewis-Selfridges, Oxford Road, London, and then for Robert Tisserand – embracing and learning about complimentary medicine and her ‘essential oil’ journey’. 

Heather has a BSc (Joint Hon) Degree in Counselling and Complementary Medicine, a post graduate Masters Certificates in Integrated Mindfulness, and Supervision of Counsellors, and a Post Graduate Teaching Certificate (PGCE) from Bolton Institute. 

She set up her essential oil practice and delivered teaching programmes privately for adult education colleges (subjects included aromatherapy, reflexology, diet and nutrition, and counselling skills), then joined the Complementary Medicine team at the University of Salford (School of Health Sciences and Social Care, now the School of Health and Society) some twenty years ago; leading Complementary and Integrated Therapy in Practice degrees, module lead for Aromatherapy, Supervision and CPD, Communication and Professional skills, and as a personal tutor, she ran the aromatherapy clinic for staff and students. 


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Heather is especially interested in the psycho-emotional-spiritual influence of essential oils and the consequential influence on resilience, health and wellbeing. Her writing includes Healing with Essential Oils, Essential Oils for the Whole Body (2020 Platinum Award winner), and Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation (2019 Platinum Award winner), published by Inner Traditions Bear & Co., Vermont USA, and available to purchase from Barnes and Noble (in store and on-line), and most high street and on-line book outlets.  

You will find my contact details and information about training courses, articles and blogs on her website here: 


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