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Sophia Kupse MSc 



The ‘Go to’ Health Expert in Complementary & Alternative Medicine.Also known as ‘The MuscleWhisperer’, Sophia is a leading industry expert in the field of health and beauty with over 25 years knowledge and experience covering both products and treatments.  She is the Founder of the ‘Langellotti Tri-Therapy’, The most advanced treatment to combat 21st Century Stress and Back Pain 

She is known in the UK under her brand name ‘The Muscle Whisperer’ and runs two busy treatment and training clinics in Harley Street London and Leeds / Bradford West Yorkshire. 

Sophia is an innovator, visionary, holistic health and wellbeing coach, educator/trainer, founder of the ERASE Pain Programme (EPP). Her three bestselling health and wellbeing self-help books established her as an industry leader in the treatment of mental health conditions, stress and chronic back pain using an integrative medicine approach. Integrative medicine seeks to understand the individual, mind, body, spirit and applies many forms of evidence-based natural therapy to improve wellness. 

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ERASE Pain Programme (EPP) Digital Natural Health & Pain Management Solutions and One to One Therapy 

ERASE Pain Programme (EPP) will be delivered in late October 2022. EPP is a digital evidence-based programme to help educate patients on how to self-manage their mental and physical health conditions and symptoms with the aim of reducing access to GP appointments, dependency on medication use and increasing improved quality of life. This supports the NHS Long Term Plan launched in 2019 which spans the next 10 years to improve the quality of patient care and health outcomes.  

The plan focuses on building an NHS fit for the future by:  

  • enabling everyone to get the best start in life  
  • helping communities to live well  
  • helping people to age well 

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BOOK – The Muscle Whisperer the Keys to Unlocking Your Back Pain 


This book is a self-help guide explaining the breakthrough discovery, revealing the true reasons why neck, shoulder and back pain occur so commonly. Based on over 20 years research and using individual case studies, Sophia Kupse, known as the Muscle Whisperer and a Holistic Practitioner, looks at why back pain has become the silent epidemic of 21st century living. It helps the reader understand why they suffer from back pain and how they can easily apply proven steps, known as keys, that will help diminish or erase back pain for life. 

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BOOK – Desperately Seeking a Pain Free Self 


A simple self help guide giving the reader an alternate perspective as to why they suffer acute and chronic neck, shoulder and back pain that cannot be explained by medics or an X-ray. Based on Eastern and Western medicine principles, Sophia explains the importance of muscle memory and how our inner negative chatter influences our physical pain. The book focuses on understanding that your history from childhood to the present day has a direct effect on your physical back pain as well as overall well-being. Based on the psychology that we are the parent to our adult and inner child, Sophia shows the reader HOW to fully understand their inner child, WHAT happens when we ignore who we really are and HOW to self-diagnose. 

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BOOK – Pain Free – Easy Steps to A Happier Healthier You 

This book looks deeper into how we learned the process of pain, from foetal development and birth, right through to our final years. Using the very latest data and research to prove that we are hurting our self with the same repeated negative patterns of thinking. How key challenges, events and negative beliefs that are stored in our unconscious mind, eventually release unexplained pain in the physical body. This book will help the reader see pain from all decades of their life, with easy proven ways to break their negative thinking pattern that triggers pain and restore wellbeing in mind and body. 

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