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Natracare Ultra Extra pads


Natural and absorbent pads for medium or lighter periods, with an extra cushion layer and wings to secure the pad in place.  Ultra-extra regular pads come individually wrapped so are easily carried around when you are out and about. 

The only brand to be certified Compostable (TÜV Seedling mark certified to EN13432). This means our pads break down into organic matter and return to soil when composted, so less waste to worry about. It is also possible to compost pads at home. 

Gynecologist recommended and suitable for sensitive skin or those with allergies. Certified organic cotton cover, made for sensitive skin, without perfume, plastic, dyes, chlorine and GMO-free ingredients. Natracare helps reduce your exposure to synthetic materials and ingredients, including plastic, perfume and dyes often found in conventional period products. 

Note all Natracare products are VEGAN. We are members of 1% for the Planet etchttps://www.natracare.com/why-natracare/awards-certifications/#1-percent-for-the-planet 

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Natracare Safe to Flush Moist Tissues 


Natracare natural flushable moist tissues cleanse and refresh delicate skin. Made of 100% paper and an organic and natural formula. Each tissue contains soothing aloe vera and anti-bacterial witch hazel to help you feel extra clean, perfect for sensitive skin. 

Natracare flushable moist tissues were vigorously tested by Water UK and IWSFG. They are guaranteed to break down safely after flushing and will not harm marine life. (First brand to obtain this certification). 

Many wipes contain viscose and secret plastics and are falsely marketed as flushable! There are over 366,000 sewer blockages in the UK every year, and over 80% of them are avoidable. We don’t have to harm our planet using single-use plastic wipes. Free from parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), methylisothiazolinone (MIT), alcohol, and other synthetic fragrances or preservatives of concern. 

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Natracare Nursing pads 


These nursing and maternity pads are made from only soft organic and natural 100% cotton offering daily comfort and protection. No plastic, perfumes, GMO ingredients, chlorine or dyes allows your skin to breathe whilst at the same time keeping you dry and free from contact with synthetic materials.  

You can have peace of mind whilst using these products next to your sensitive areas of skin that they contain no harsh chemicals. Both nursing and maternity pads are biodegradable & compostable. 

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