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Julie Bowman has been working in the complimentary therapy world since 1993, trained with the International Institute of Reflexology, Advanced Reflexology Training with Tony Porter, and is registered with the NHS Primary Care Trust.

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Julie, as part of her continuing professional development has trained with many adept teachers, she has trained in Limbic Reflexology – the ability to work on the limbic system in the brain – PTSD etc., and is a Master and Teacher of Reiki and Seichem (since 1998) (initiated in 1994.
Julie has used the Flower Essences since 1985 with personal results and has completed courses with Bach Flower, Lightbringer, Bush Flower, Spirit in Nature and Petite Fleur Essences. She uses a wide range of essences, and has conducted extensive research into the effects of essences Her gentle combinations are effective yet have no side effects. Julie also co-runs training courses with Essences see essence-journeys.com

For those who don’t want alcohol in their remedies … Flower Essences are made using spring water, but there needs to be some preservative added. Red Shiso answers that need and is a welcome alternative to alcohol. It is pleasant tasting compared to other alternatives such as vinegar, salt or glycerine. Shiso leaves contain an antibacterial compound which helps keep food fresh. In the days before refrigeration, seafood was wrapped in Shiso leaves to prevent it spoiling during transport. Julie makes the Red Shiso herself which has no trace of alcohol in. The essence she prepares using this natural preservative has a pleasant flavour, and a gorgeous red colour.
Helping Hands

Helping Hands 1

Helping Hands is a combination of 5 essences, an excellent combination, which helps when challenges take us to the brink, leaving us feeling out of kilter and totally disorientated, helping with focus. When there is high stress, this combination helps to anchor.

People who use this combination find it really useful when stress and anxiety have destabilised the emotions. It realigns us back into ourselves and helps to re-focus. Created for stress, trauma, rawness, balances chakra system, shock, anxiety, focus, alignment, boundaries, emotions and  emergency.

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This combination of essences helps to unwind, helping you to break free of restraints and limitations. It will help at the end of the day as we enter the dark hours to relax and rest. Helps to  give deep relaxation, refreshing our whole state of being. Perfect for relaxing, calm, emotions, and slumber.

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Sunshine Lift

Sunshine 2

This combination essence helps with depression, great for those who struggle with SAD, it supports through the dark days in our lives, lifting the spirit. From mild, dark cloud descending, to depression that can affect us on a day to day basis, when we are dealing with grief. Helps us find the strength to carry on. Brings the sunshine back into our lives., the’ joie de vivre’.Effective for depression, SAD, melancholia, weariness, and grief.

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