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Founded by Louise Allen, Rhythm of Beauty is a unique and revolutionary beauty and lifestyle brand that stands for ‘honouring your true nature naturally’, harnessing the gifts of nature to align with seasonal and celestial laws.

Combining seasonal, natural flower & plant essences, Rhythm of Beauty and was born from Louise’s desire to create beautiful skincare that translates the secrets of nature into living products that work in harmony with our skin and well-being.

All herbs and flower essences are grown and wild crafted by Louise and her passion is to co-create with mother earth, show huge reverence to each flower and plant and translate their life force into each lovingly hand-crafted product. With her knowledge and passion Louise has created a complete collection of Seasonal and Celestial products, that are created in tune with the moon cycle, 100% natural, and packaged beautifully in an eco-range of glass packaging, which extends the shelf life of each product naturally.


Guardian Angel Breast Oil


Take your breast health into your own hands with Guardian Breast Oil. A unique and heavenly dry oil that is easily absorbed into the delicate tissue of the breasts including the nourishing and wellbeing properties of ladyís mantle, nourishing and heart opening rose, and the powerful firming properties of hibiscus, horsetail and edelweiss. Including high vibrational oils of violet to work with the lymphatic system to remove toxins and improve the chi to the breast meridians (lunar meridians). Violet leaf absolutely refines the pores. It contains salicylic acid (mild pain reliever). Violet leaf absolute has antiseptic and relaxing properties.  

The spring infusion of willow helps to break down tension, and rigidity, cherry blossom nourishes the skin and magnolia contains parthenolide, a type of lactone that is used for relaxation and to help relieve stress. Frankincense and sandalwood are chosen for their immune boosting natural powers and regeneration of cells.

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Seasonal Face Cream



It’s beneficial to think seasonally with skincare as it is with our food. Rhythm of Beauty’s unique creams use the signature of the season’s botanicals to work in synergy with the body. This revolutionary face cream uses the power of flower essences to access facial meridians to release tiredness, facial tension and stress which all contribute to signs of ageing. It’s a complete nutritious cocktail of skin superfoods including Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Cocoa seed butter, powerful antioxidants of Q10, vitamin A and E, and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil to purify, uplift and boost skin radiance and clarity.

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