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Silk has the power to protect, heal & renew our skin and hair and This Is Silk is now the UK’s most awarded Silk company. This Is Silk was started when founder Sonal experienced the healing power of Silk for her painful skin and damaged hair. When she began to research why Silk was helping, she realised there are vast amounts of medical literature on the powerful benefits of Silk for skin and hair.


Pure Silk Pillowcase in Natural White


This award winning silk pillowcase has been specially chosen for its ability to soften skin and smoothe hair as well as its thick lustre and the quality of the fabric.

This pillowcase is 75 cm x 50 cm; a standard size, it helps with fine lines and sleep creases on your face, and helps your facial serums work harder at night. Incredibly soft and lustrous for delicate facial skin, it calms frizz and prevents unmanageable bedhead. Fully  machine washable, free of harmful dyes and products, making it particularly good for sensitive skin, Oekotex certified and packaged in a GORGEOUS box you will love.

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‘Power Up’ Silk Barrier Booster

This product demonstrates the pure power of Silk. Silk is very well known in the medical world as a wound-healing ingredient. The Silk Peptides are excellent for everything barrier (ie skin) related, because Silk is primarily a barrier in nature. Silk in skincare is good for signs of ageing, for brightening, for hydrating, for hyperpigmentation.. It is potently active at therapeutic doses. 

Contains Silk Fibroin, Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Cholesterol, Glycerin. A potent serum with a very high % of Silk, this has been designed to be added to your existing skincare products. Mix 1-2 drops in the palm of your hand with your moisturiser / oil / serum / retinol before applying to your skin.

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‘Radiance Renewed’ Silk Overnight Oil


A Potent Facial Oil containing Silk Peptides, Bakuchiol & Rosehip to Renew Radiance.Developed after 3 years’ work with a leading skincare scientist, to repair and renew skin whilst you sleep, with three of the most potent, superstar ingredients, each famed for their anti-ageing and skin-renewing qualities.

Silk Peptides have been scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve skin elasticity and ‘bounce’, reduce hyperpigmentation and fight blemishes and improve the barrier function of skin The Silk in our skincare is made from cocoons which have already hatched. Bakuchiol has been proven to be as effective as Retinol.

This Silk Overnight Oil is suitable for all skin types. A little goes a long way, and a couple of drops should be smoothed over clean skin before bed, or mixed into your moisturiser.

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