There are many, many choices when it comes to selecting that special personal Christmas gift and we’re excited to spotlight for you some of the amazing natural products that we love – the perfect, thoughtful gift for those who love and appreciate natural and organic products.




Based in Cornwall, Scence is a company that care about what you put on your skin as well as how they impact the world around them. Founded by Krista Taylor, Krista studied at Falmouth School of Arts and had a career in fine art and design before retraining in complementary therapies, including aromatherapy and massage. Krista has researched, formulated and perfected the Scence range for over three years to create an award-winning  range of natural and organic skincare that is both nourishing for your skin and kind to the environment.

A wonderful artisan range of balms handcrafted with love and good intention using all natural, mainly organic ingredients, Scence stand out with their choice of packaging, rather than using single use plastic they feel strongly that the way forward is new ways of packaging without compromising the environment and their range is presented in simple and beautiful eco-friendly, 100% paper packaging that is fully compostable and recyclable. The processes involved in manufacturing their packaging does not use any animal products ensuring it is vegan friendly. The tubes and pots are lovely and tactile and can even be re-used to plant seeds and herbs.

Scence is developed and handmade in small batches in Falmouth. Their lab is located in an eco-friendly unit generating their own power using solar energy, and all their suppliers support sustainable harvesting. Their products are guilt-free, ethical, natural, sustainable, effective, AND eco-friendly making them a perfect present for those that care about their skin and the environment. Here are some of our favourite products:


Deodorant Balm


A great selection of seven soothing and softening deodorant balms with lovely fragrances, for safe and effective everyday use. Choose from citrusy, earthy, fragrance free, natural sage, cedar fresh, juniper and cool rose. All balms contain organic coconut oil and essential oils along with magnesium and organic arrowroot to deodorise and absorb moisture. All ingredients are ethically sourced, natural and functional and most are organic.

Use the balms daily after bathing or showering. Apply the balm stick to underarms for 2-3 seconds to melt, then glide to apply. The deodorant balms are effective and will work to keep you fresh all day and evening. Each 75g tube lasts around 2 to 3 months.

The paper container tube may darken with the natural oils as you use it, often developing a deeper patina. This is normal and doesn’t affect the quality of the balm. As the balms are all natural and contain natural oils, they are better stored in a cool, dry place. They will naturally soften in warmer temperatures above 30 degrees but will become firm again if cooled.


Face Moisturiser Balm


Three super softening and hydrating balms packed with nourishing moisture-rich butters and oils that will leave your face and neck feeling soothed and cared for without leaving a greasy residue. Organic mango butter and rosehip oil are used for their healing and replenishing qualities.

Choose from Cedar Thistle with super hydrating thistle and cedar wood essential oil. This balm works equally well as a soothing aftershave treatment and as a beard balm. Shining Rose with intensely hydrating rosehip oil, healing frankincense and soothing rose geranium essential oil, and Jojoba Natural with organic golden jojoba and borage seed oils.

The balms are perfect for every skin type, particularly if you suffer from eczema or very dry and inflamed skin conditions, use daily after cleansing, a little goes a very long way and can be softened and melted in hands and massaged onto face and neck.



Jojoba Lip Balm


With three irresistible flavours of bitter orange, black peppery, pepperminty, and a natural fragrance-free option. This lip balm will keep lips soft, supple and comfortably kissable all day long.

Your lips have 3-4 cellular layers compared to 16-20 on the rest of your body and particularly at this time of year they need to be protected, nourished and healed. Packed with super hydrating organic ingredients; jojoba oil, illipe and mango butter to smooth and soothe, and myrica wax seals in the moisture to offer that protective layer.