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Clear Tinted Dechlorinating Shower Filters


In winter our skin can really suffer and become dry and sensitive from the effects of indoor heating, cold winds and changeable temperatures. Not to mention the added drying effect of the chemical chlorine from your daily bathing water. Dry undernourished skin can result in eczema, acne and uncomfortable rashes.

If you have delicate skin, dermatologists and skin specialists recommend that you bathe in de-chlorinated water. It is well documented that chlorine dries the skin out and when combined with hard water can do significant damage. Chlorine not only kills the bad bacteria that can make us sick, but it also kills good bacteria on which our skin relies. Restoring the skins moisture function is the most effective first step in overcoming the symptoms of dry sensitized skin.

The easily fitted shower filter from The Sensitive Skincare Co completely removes chlorine and softens hard water, thereby removing the damaging and drying effects that daily showering has on your skin.

Give your skin a daily treat by showering in water that feels as soft and clean as pure rainwater. You can rehydrate your way to a much softer, glowing, younger looking skin.

Electric shower and Filter

The clear shower filter is easy to fit, you simply screw into the shower head and hose and it lasts for over 6-9 months dependent upon frequency of usage and also the quality of your water. When the golden media turns to a very black/greenish colour this means the filter is due to be replaced, and the complete filter is recyclable.

Suitable for most showers, but if you’re looking for a filter suitable for use with a Power shower, choose the Chrome Shower Filter available on their website.


Attractive Clear Dechlorinating Bath Ball

Clear Ball + Box

If you prefer bathing to showering but feel the drying effects of long soaks in the bath, then a bath ball filter is the answer.

The Sensitive Skincare Company bath filter purifies water by removing 99.9% of the chemical chlorine, and softens hard water. It easily attaches to your bath tap and you get a nicer, fresher, softer feeling after bathing.

Clear Ball-in-bath

Each filter last around 6 months and each pack contains 2 filters so you have 12 months of luxurious clean bathing.