I’m excited to spotlight the new collection of Sacred Mists from Findhorn Flower Essences – created to complement their worldwide top-selling ‘Sacred Space’ aromatherapy spray mist.

These wonderful new Sacred Mists harmonise your energy with your environment and are created with natural and organic essential oils, flower, elemental and gem essences. The uniqueness of these mists is that they blend the power of natural and organic aromatherapy essential oils with the vibrational healing power of flower, gem or elemental essences to provide a double acting effect.

Essential oils have a sensory simulative effect so as we smell the essential oil it stimulates an emotional reaction in our brain. Flower, gem and elemental essences carry an energetic frequency which is assimilated by the body so these are so much more than beautifully fragranced sprays!

When these essences and essential oils are sprayed around the body they are absorbed through the skin, directly permeating the cellular physiology of the body. In Vibrational Medicine, it’s understood that illness originates from dysfunctional energy patterns, often resulting from emotional and mental resistance or disturbance. Recognising these dysfunctional energy patterns and providing the right flow of life-force energy to restore the whole integrated body system back to balance prevents the negative energy manifesting in the body as disease or illness.

These vibrational mists contribute to a positive state of health and wellbeing!

The mists make wonderful gifts for yourself or for loved ones and indeed anyone who appreciates the uplifting, calming or healing power of aromatherapy. They are beautifully presented in glass bottles with eye-catching packaging.

There are three Sacred Mists to choose from and each mist contains a unique blend in an easy-to-use spray format:

Sacred Space

Sacred Space balances energies to promote peace & harmony, helping to purify and clear your physical space to create a more relaxing atmosphere. This beautiful mist contains an infusion of Element Essences representing EARTH for strength, stability and security, WATER with its life-giving properties that cleanse and purify, AIR which is the element of inspiration, vision and communication, FIRE which radiates brightness, vitality and promotes creativity, and EITHER which is the element of unity and expansiveness, of light and space.

Sacred Light


Sacred Light elevates energies, and promotes love and wisdom. This energy helps you to find inspiration and evokes the aspiration to strengthen the heart-mind connection and realise inner wisdom. With gorgeous Lotus Lily Flower Essence which helps transform limitations of the mind, to transcend worldly concerns, and to think and act from the heart. Made at the Bodhi tree where the Buddha realised enlightenment.

Sacred Earth

Sacred Earth has an incredible nurturing energy to help you stay grounded and focused, to feel at home in yourself and your environment. This mist contains an infusion of Gem Essences of Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Jasper, Topaz, Ruby, Amethyst and Hematite which amplify consciousness with their crystalline structures helping to ground patterns of order and stability.


Available from www.findhornessences.com


“It is only when one takes into account the larger picture of human beings from a newly evolving multidimensional perspective that flower essences as a healing modality begin to make sense.  Flower essences modify energy flow through acupuncture meridians, the chakras and the subtle bodies with the end result of affecting the very energetic patterns that influence consciousness” 

Dr Richard Gerber – ‘Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century’