I’ve been a fan of the work of Zoe Harcombe for many years since I came across The Harcombe Diet, She is incredibly knowledgable about nutrition and ‘real food’ and challenges many of the myths we have been told over the years.  Some time ago she calked out the so called ‘Eatwell Plate’ and has campaigned tirelessly against the demonisation of fat, when sugar is the real culprit.

The Eatwell Guide is nutritionally deficient

I interviewed Zoe for Uk Health Radio on how we can boost our immunity against the Corona Virus and beyond and love the fact that the answer lies in eating well. Actually eating well, real not processed food.

Check out the interview and Zoe’s excellent books such as The Diet Fix and The Harcombe Diet

Listen here 

Check out Zoes work at www.zoeharcombe.com