Jo De Rosa knows all there is to know about addiction; to alcohol, cigarettes, food, partying, and other substances. The founder and author of ‘Quantum Sobriety’ calls herself a previous ‘functioning addict’ and experienced addiction for years, hiding her problem to many people in her life as she led a dual existence as a party girl/yoga teacher.

Jo felt totally powerless and alone, so a conventional 12-step program didn’t appeal to her even though she knew she had a severe problem. She threw herself into her yoga teaching, practice, and meditation, at the same time living a double life as an addict.

Over time her practice gave her insight into why she was in such a place, and in 2012 she set herself totally free. Now Jo shares how she did this and is on a mission to change the conversation around addiction; how addicts are viewed as weak by society, for Jo believes the opposite to be true. Addicts are often strong willed and very driven, and Jo shows addicts how to use their drive to do something positive rather than negative, changing the focus and using their drive for good.

Jo believes that joining others who are in the same position of dealing with addiction is a really positive step, jumping into a group of people with a mission takes the spotlight and pressure off you as an individual and you will definitely feel more empowered, with more clarity of thinking and generally feeling healthier both physically and mentally.

Alcohol is so ingrained in our culture, particularly in our social conditioning and addiction is seen as a very negative and shameful thing. Jo doesn’t use the words ‘in recovery’ or ‘alcoholic’ – ‘Quantum Sobriety’ is about choosing your individual path of reality, with everything, including freedom, being possible.

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There are many offerings in the ‘Quantum Sobriety’ approach including meditation downloads, a book, online programme and residential – check out my blog post here on Jo’s residential retreats>>

Jo says:

My book being published mid-2017 has been the icing on the cake; now we have an extremely inexpensive entry point to this method. I’ve included the whole content of the first year of the Online Programme in it, and if the reader likes what they learn then they can join the community and dive even deeper into the process of self-discovery.


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