“At last – joined up thinking around digestive health, these products work in synergy for a happy tummy, natural, beautifully packaged and created by an expert”  Janey Lee Grace

Thinking about how you will get into your little black dress or Tux this Christmas?  So many of us suffer from bloating and digestive problems and when we feel stressed (coming up to the festive season!) it can exacerbate the problem.  Help is at hand with the brilliant Seasonal Survival Kit from Just For Tummies.

Who’s behind it?

The creator is leading natural digestive health practitioner Linda Booth who runs one of the UK’s most successful natural digestive health and gut disorders clinics and has successfully treated thousands of people who had been told that they had ‘incurable’ IBS.

Alongside her work as a therapist Linda teaches newly-qualified colon hydrotherapists how to treat IBS using her protocols, she lectures in advanced colon hydrotherapy (sometimes known as colonic irrigation) and she’s also a regular contributor to the natural health press, a published author and a former Vice Chair of the Association of Colon Hydrotherapists.

“In my clinic, I see first-hand what happens when the digestive system isn’t working as it should. I developed the Just For Tummies range so my patients can live life fully, without ‘Tummy Troubles’.” Linda Booth

Supplements and Herbal Teas


The Just For Tummies range consists of supplements and a herbal tea formulated to ease bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion, excess wind, and more. It’s all uniquely and  beautifully packaged  (not often you can say that about supplements!) and are made in the UK to the highest quality standards, and contain no added sugar, salt, starch, yeasts, flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

Linda’s happy customers rave about incredibly effective, fast-acting ‘life changing’ results and all with natural and safe ingredients,  You can beat the bloat and gain more confidence and energy.

Just For Tummies  ‘Seasonal Survival Kit’

In perfect time for Christmas Just For Tummies are launching a ‘Seasonal Survival Kit’ (pictured at the top of this post) which contains three products (Live Bacteria, Milk Thistle and Digestive Enzymes) and will be aptly labelled ‘Eat, Drink and Still be Merry – Just For Tummies’ to get you through the festive season comfortably.   If you are already thinking ahead to the parties, you won’t want to be without this,  I regularly take the Milk Thistle (to support that ‘imperfectly natural’ glass of wine!)   It’s a botanical formula traditionally used as a remedy for over-indulgence, milk thistle is known to support the liver  so its great  for when you’ve eaten, or drunk, to uncomfortable levels. Each tablet contains 100mg of milk thistle extract to calm an upset tummy and soothe indigestion – ideal for the morning after the night before.!  Much better than the ‘hair of the dog’  (does anyone really do that!!) and the Tummy Tea really does feel settling.

This fabulous company making top quality products come highly recommended.  We’re running a fab competition where you can win yourself some of Just For Tummies superb range.

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Check out their website at www.justfortummies.co.uk