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Chiropractic care is a safe alternative to drugs, surgery, and physical therapy for low back pain. Chiropractors use spinal adjustments to reduce joint misalignments and restrictions. Adjustments help the nervous system and affected joints function better by improving joint mobility. As a result, many patients report decreased symptoms and improved function.

It is a Safe Alternative to Drugs and Surgery.

A recent study shows that chiropractic care for low back pain can save an estimated 20 to 40 percent of the health care costs associated with treating lower back pain. This finding comes from a study conducted by Dartmouth Medical School. It involved nearly 900 workers in Washington who first visited an orthopedic surgeon before visiting a chiropractor. The researchers then analyzed the follow-up data to determine whether the subjects underwent back surgery. They found that those who first saw a chiropractor had a significantly lower risk of undergoing back surgery. Similarly, chiropractic patients also had significantly lower costs associated with chronic work disability, including fewer expensive MRI tests.

X-rays do not help diagnose your back pain, and unnecessary imaging can increase your cancer risk and costs. In addition, X-rays do not provide much information on the cause of your pain, and a simple chiropractic adjustment can alleviate your discomfort. However, some chiropractors may need to perform some tests before they can give you a proper adjustment.

It is Effective in Treating Low Back Pain.

One recent study found that chiropractic care effectively treated low back pain and disability. The researchers reviewed 26 studies and concluded that chiropractic care was practical, affordable, and associated with fewer adverse outcomes than medical treatments. The study has garnered considerable attention and is backed by consumer reports that chiropractic care is effective for many patients.

The study used a decision tree analytic model to estimate the costs and benefits of chiropractic care compared to physical therapy. It found that chiropractic treatment reduced healthcare costs. The study excluded patients who were contraindicated for spinal manipulation or whose condition was non-mechanical. Both types of treatment provided relief from back pain and disability. Chiropractors treated 73% of the patients, and PT treated 26%.

It is Effective in Treating Subluxation.

When a vertebra moves out of place, a condition called subluxation results. Subluxations can lead to chronic pain and can interfere with nerve signals. A chiropractor can treat a subluxation to correct the imbalance, leading to significant pain relief.

Since the spine contains nerves, chiropractors are skilled in treating this condition. They use specific adjustments to correct subluxations and improve the function of the spine. Chiropractors are highly trained to recognize subluxations, which can lead to many different symptoms. In addition, chiropractic treatments restore a healthy nervous system, resulting in better health.

Subluxation can be caused by several causes, including physical stress or repetitive motion. However, it does not have to be an event as significant as a car accident or slip and fall to create a subluxation. It can also be caused by everyday activities such as walking or sitting with poor posture. Subluxation can occur at any age, so you must visit a chiropractor immediately if you feel pain in your lumbar region.

It is Effective in Treating LumbarPain.

Although massage is an excellent method of relieving muscle pain, it is only a temporary solution. Chiropractors can treat inflamed joints and release muscle knots. They can also use specialized muscle therapy techniques to restore proper circulation. Chiropractors can also help patients stop taking prescription pain medications, which have been responsible for over 60,000 deaths yearly.

The chiropractic techniques used by chiropractors are known to reduce muscle spasms and restore normal motion. It is a natural approach to reducing pain and preventing muscle spasms, and it has been proven to work well for many people. Chiropractors also use massage therapy and therapeutic stretching moves to relieve muscle spasms. They can also help patients prevent future injury by promoting proper circulation in the affected area.

A chiropractor can provide patients with an effective treatment plan for lumbar pain due to a pulled muscle. They will help the patient regain their feet and enjoy life again. The treatment plan for a pulled muscle will include exercises, ice, and other methods to ease pain and accelerate healing. Chiropractors also use spinal adjustments to align the spine and muscles.

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