The Artisan Spa creates handmade Spa inspired treatments for you to use in your Spa’s treatment rooms and as gifts for you to sell in your shop. Localised, personalised, signature & exclusive editions of luxury treatments for use in gift shops and 5 star hotels, spas and retreats.

My Verdict…these luxurious, bespoke products are very stylish as well as being natural and delicious to use, in how they feel and smell!

I had a great opportunity to speak to Amanda Nelson at the 2012 London CAM exhibition.  She is the founder of The Artisan Spa and suffered from problem skin herself so she decided to create a soap that was gentle and didn’t irritate already sensitive skin – the product range grew from there.  Amanda is the ‘Queen of Bespoke’ and creates editions of handmade Spa inspired luxury soaps and Spa products – her small team of specialist soap and spa product designers offer destination Hotels, Spas and Retreats a uniquely personal product to offer to their clientele.

Her Spa inspired product range offers established product favourites and also contains some unique and inventive ‘twists’ on  traditional Spa themes.  The range of Spa inspired soaps are designed to avoid retoxification of the skin while still offering that special touch of luxury.      *These soaps are the only ones of their kind in the detox and skin care market*

artisanspaproductMy favourite soap is Citrus Grove and smells lovely.  Also check out the new Authentic Mermaid Range which incorporates Amanda’s fascination with the sea.  The vanilla citrus and fine sea salt body polish is exfoliating, nourishing and good enough to eat!

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