Inspired by the legend of the New Orleans’ Voodoo Queen, MARIE LAVEAU is a non-alcoholic spiced spirit that packs a flavourful punch! A smooth blend of sweet vanilla with a warm, spicy finish, this distilled, non-alcoholic rum alternative is handcrafted and produced in small batches to provide a smooth blend using classic rum spices and botanicals.


Marie Laveau, the person, was spiritual healer and adviser. She was a complex and charismatic woman not afraid to challenge the norm whose legacy lives on today. New Orleans is the spiritual home of MARIE LAVEAU non-alcoholic spiced spirit, a colourful, bold and vibrant melting pot that encapsulates the old and the new.

MARIE LAVEAU is best enjoyed amongst friends and best served in a mixed drink or cocktail! Serve over ice with premium cola and a wedge of lime, (which has proudly been coined the Voodoo Libre). Alternatively, mojito lovers listen up – this one if for you. LAVEAU can energise and uplift your standard ‘Nojito’ by bringing in those classic rum flavours but without the alcohol, it’s the ultimate summer refreshment!


Available in the UK and in the US and you can get your hands on this amazing product via their website,, or on Amazon.  As a little something special, use my code Janey20 for a 20% discount at checkout on MARIE LAVEAU’s website, valid until August 12th.