It’s Mental Health Awareness week 9th – 15th May and the figures show that one in four adults feel lonely some or all of the time. There’s no single cause and there is no one solution. We are all unique and some of us feel anxiety more often than others. Check out the Mental Health UK website here for some ideas on how to take care of your mental health and here are some of my favourite practical techniques that I teach in The Sober Club and some of my favourite natural products that help with relaxation and self care which are important parts of mental health care.

In The Sober Club we do a meditation and a tapping sequence to help us feel more grounded, and reduce anxiety. We focus on the impact of trauma, emotional wellbeing and how to reduce stress, and raise our vibration. It would be surprising right now with so much going on in the world if you weren’t at times feeling stressed, but also under threat and anxious, also guilt that we can’t help as we would like to, and fear as to what might happen.

Fear and anxiety sends us into fight flight or freeze mode, which is awful for our body for a sustained length of time. There is a mind body connection. Psychologists call it the cybernetic loop, the mind affects the body, the body affects the mind, so we can adjust our body, even just our posture or our breath and it can calm our mind, just as we can tell ourselves we are ok and allow our body to know this.

It is important in times of stress to boost your immunity and focus on selfcare, there has never been a better time to focus on our wellbeing, ensure that we stay in balance and be as optimistic as possible. Where attention goes, energy flows…or something like that…and right now globally there is a lot of attention on crisis and calamity and fear. Sadly we can’t ‘magic’ that away and we all need to be responsible and recognise the gravity, BUT we also need to remain safe, well and connected.

Fear is contagious but so is hope and love so let’s all try and be part of the solution not the problem. We need to focus on looking after our own well being at this time so here are my simple tips and suggestions. Replace any words that don’t resonate with your own!

Here’s the SELFCARE acronym that we use in The Sober Club and which is useful to everyone:

S stands for Sobriety, trust me there has never been a better time to be sober, or drink less as we may have gotten into drinking habits that do not serve us well. Remember, drinking lowers your immunity and increases anxiety levels. Don’t allow stress to send you into bad habits, if you aren’t already a member of The Sober Club do consider joining us, It’s an incredibly supportive community.  S is also for Sleep – Get lots of it, and practice good ‘hygiene’…. leave your devices out the room, have a magnesium salt bath, and use Lavender essential oil, a few drops in a burner, or sprinkled on the pillow.

E stands for Exercise.  Now is the time to get back to your gym, swimming pool and classes if you can, and there are some amazing online classes including Pilates, Yoga and Gym sessions, you can easily do home workouts and of course now the weather is improving we can walk in nature! Bev Densham offers Mindfulness Pilates Posture is also incredibly important, stand tall, especially when you feel anxious, it sends the right messages to the brain, seriously watch my TEDx talk where I mention the Power Pose!

L stands for love, self-love is so important, be careful of not reverting to old habits of listening to the inner critic, love for others is key too, and this is the time for a sense of community spirit.

F stands for Friendship, cultivate friendships and not only online, and don’t forget to send letters cards and drawings, it’s especially important to do that for elderly friends and relatives who may not be online and who may be feeling more lonely than others. F also stands for Focus, focus on what you want for yourself in the future.

C stands for connection, and also for Creativity, getting creative, learning a language, baking, singing, painting, knitting, gardening ….all the ‘ING’s are a great way to feel good and positive.

A stands for Awe, that sense of wonder, we can be encouraged, uplifted and inspired, the daffodils are blooming, and the sky is blue right?  It also stands for Appreciation, keep gratitude lists and appreciate what we have.

R stands for Resources, what keeps you going?  What tops up your battery levels? For some it is walking in nature, others an open fire, I love the sea, it may that you love to do art or reading, whatever it is keep doing it! Your resources are also all that you need for boosting your immunity, good nutrition is essential.

E is for Energy, stay grounded, keep your energy flowing. A simple tip is to take off your shoes and stand or lie on the earth, it helps you to feel calm. It’s great and very calming to connect with your own energy, meditate, visualise and see what is within.

Here are some more suggestions on how to ease the anxiety and negativity:

Limit your news intake as much as possible. Its about protecting your energy and emotional wellbeing. Also limit social media, doom scrolling won’t help.

Be in the moment, a lot can be said for standing in a power pose, hand on heart, and breathe. Focus on someone or something you love, and of course if you can give someone a hug that is great for releasing happy hormones.

Get out of your head and into your body, as Shaman Yacov Darling Kahn says, put a track on you love and dance, or just shake it out, shaking is great for trauma release, we can just wiggle everything!

Try some EFT tapping sequences. (In The Sober Club we have some EFT sessions in the member portal)

Breathing techniques can help too. Box breathing is where we breathe along the 4 sides of a box, in for 4, across for 4, down for 4, across for 4,  Focus on breathing out stress and fear and breathing in love and peace.

Try a meditation audio or a Yoga Nidra, such as my Chakra balancing audio meditation, great for feeling peaceful.

Voice your fears and worries, giving voice to it helps, and we can raise our vibration as much as possible to be in our spiritual being, not deep in fear.  Journalling helps greatly, to stream consciousness, because if we have committed to writing our thoughts, without judgement, we have to get out our fears and worries – remember Louise Hay said: ‘You can’t clean the house till you can see the dirt’, its better out than in!

Before you go to sleep, write down what you are grateful for… gratitudes and blessings, focus on what you can do, strengthening your own light will always help, sending love and light and obviously if you want to make donations, find honourable charities to help.





I have learned some great advice and ways of dealing with stress both physically and emotionally through great interviews on my ‘Alcohol Free Life’ podcasts. I discuss shame and stigma of mental health with Dr Adi Jaffe, how to keep resilient and keep on track in life with author and personal trainer Paula Kerr, and how to detox with juicing for a healthier body and mind with Rosie from The Healthy Juice Company and many more. Check them out here


Here are some of my favourite products for creating a natural, serene and healthy environment, body and mind:



Harmonising Beauty Dew Mist by Rhythm of Beauty – Shake well and spray a fine mist to release the uplifting Spring notes to brighten and imbue any space with the fresh and natural aromaís and clear stagnated energy, and leave a calming serenity-a spring quintessential to create sacred space. This spray resonates with the solar plexus energy.


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WELEDA Relaxing Oral Drops – A homeopathic medicinal product used within the homeopathic tradition for the temporary relief of mild symptoms associated with stress and to aid sleep. Use 15-20 drops in a small glass of water, three times a day to help stress and 20-40 drops in a small glass of water, half an hour before retiring to bed, for a relaxed night’s sleep.




Shui Me Organic Reed Diffusers are multi award winning diffusers hand-blended with TLC (therapeutic loving care). Created to bring a luxury spa experience into the comfort of any home, each therapeutic blend supports a different aspect for wellbeing. Designed with a particular room in the house in mind, for stillness, tranquillity, balance, or positive energy.




TIANA Advanced Memory Oil – this 100% Vegan, natural and highly effective food supplement has been created specifically as a brain enhancing food supplement and is suitable for all adults, especially for people who need to be at their best within high performing environment and busy lifestyle, people seeking cognitive enhancement and people with decreased memory levels and mild cognitive impairment.This unique liquid formulation with direct nutrient absorption, is supported by extensive scientific research and proven to be more effective than capsules and tablets to naturally prevent stress and age-related memory impairment, as well as improve attention and concentration.



Handmade Naturals Calming LAVENDER & ORANGE Dead Sea BATH SALTS with Lavender Buds – Soothing for Skin, Muscles & Mind -Dead Sea salt has proven therapeutic & rejuvenating properties due to its unique mineral content. These lovely relaxing salts are scented with French Lavender & Sweet Orange for a calming & relaxing bath soak.