My Verdict… ‘Innovative healing probiotic skin food, preservative free – its working a treat on my teenage sons’ troubled skin!’

I’m such a big fan of this lovely company who sell creams, soaps and kefir plus of course raw goats milk from their farm in Wales. This is real ‘healing from the kitchen’ as Richard and Shann Jones found that little boy’s Benji’s asthmatic bronchial infections cleared when he started drinking goats milk. Shann began to put the excess milk into soap and skin cream, and it cleared Benji’s eczema as well.

The Joneses launched their little farm business, Chuckling Goat, in April 2011, making soap, skin cream and a powerful probiotic drink called kefir by hand on their farm kitchen table. Their line of health-enhancing goatsmilk products were immediately embraced by a public hungry for natural, chemical-free products.

Fortnum and Mason will be launching Chuckling Goat’s unique new Pro-Biotic Skin Care Range in April 2014.   There’s a dramatic backstory too – Shann’s husband Richard contracted the life-threatening super bug MRSA, for which the doctors could offer no help. The couple were once again thrown back onto their own resources .


Shann used medical manuka honey, along with an essential oil combination of her own invention and their own homemade probiotic, to clear the MRSA infection in two weeks. The oil that Shann blended to help save her husband’s life, CG Oil, has been lab tested by MCS Laboratories and proven to kill MRSA, ecoli and salmonella at a concentration of .05%. Shann’s new book, out in April 2014 “Confessions from Chuckling Goat; How Kefir and Natural Remedies Saved My Husband’s Life documents her journey from an America city-girl radio talk show host to mistress of a self-sustaining 25-acre farm in Wales.


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