My verdict… “I love this simple and effective way to get your multi-vitamins – great for the kids too!”

Better You have created the UK’s first Multivitamin Oral Spray with proven optimal absorption. MultiVit oral spray contains a full range of vitamins and minerals created to support public health and wellbeing. This pioneering formulation combines convenience with optimal absorption, delivering its 14 active ingredients into the body faster than tablets or capsules. The spray is a rich combination of essential vitamins and minerals, delivering efficiently and conveniently in every single spray. 4 sprays per day, under the tongue or onto the inner cheek for guaranteed absorption.Print

MultiVit oral spray is is suitable for vegetarians, those on a free-from diet, and throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. The supplement includes vitamins A, C, D, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, K1, Folic Acid and minerals selenium and iodine.

The nutrients in MultiVit are delivered sublingually, meaning it bypasses the digestive system. With tablets and capsules you are relying on digestive efficiency which varies from person-to-person. With an oral spray, absorption is guaranteed.   MultiVit is convenient – no need for tablets or water and is a great handbag/desk addition. It also has a great sour grape flavour!

MultiVit retails at £9.95 (24p per day) for 160 sprays, which is a 40 day supply based on a four spray a day dosage recommendation.

Available from Holland and Barrett, independent retailers and