buddy-logoOk so I will fess up right away, I’m not much of a gym bunny, in fact I HATE working out, there I admitted it, I do however love dance classes, yoga, pilates, walking and (occasionally) swimming – if only it weren’t such a hassle getting your hair wet!

So it’s a bit of a surprise to have a son who is SO passionate about fitness, yep the actual bodyweight ‘beefing up’ deal, he decided to eschew the usual route of A levels and University and got himself an apprenticeship with a local gym instead, where he will get a qualification and of course learn on the job. He is also fast becoming a ‘key influencer’ and inspiring other young people towards the right fitness and nutrition.

Here’s his story featured in the new mag aimed at 14-19 year olds – Future Magazine

Check out Buddy’s website here>> 

I am aware that there are many people who love their workouts and of course it doesn’t have to be in a gym environment, what I like about the work Buddy is doing is showing some different ways of using bodyweight, he is also of course dedicated to sourcing good nutrition, I can’t pretend we haven’t had our moments – large deliveries of in my humble opinion potentially toxic chemical protein powders arriving in the house! But he’s learning and seeing sense! He is now reviewing some of the better protein powders and working with the brands to offer competitions so that others can try them. Check out his Instagram  @your_workoutbuddy


Coming in the next few weeks there will be reviews and competitions with one of my Platinum Award winners The Organic Protein Company who do the purest organic whey powder we have found. Read all about them here>>

Another vegan brand he met at the NOPE show is Purition – so check out his instagram to be in with a chance of winning.


Meanwhile I’m off to yoga…