It’s a tricky choice when we want to have shiny, beautifully coloured hair and hide those greys but we don’t want to use harsh chemicals. I’ve written recently about this and we do have choices when it comes to using hair dye.

Naturtint is committed to delivering naturally better hair colourants and has been at the forefront of reducing the amount of chemicals in hair colourants for the last 20 years plus. Their pioneering new formula is now ‘naturally better’ and enriched with even more natural ingredients to actively and gently care for the health of both your hair and your scalp, whilst delivering the best cosmetic results.

Based in rural Staffordshire, Nature’s Dream Ltd was set up in 2000 as the exclusive UK & Irish distributors of a group of NATURTINT hair colorant range.

Naturtint chooses high quality ingredients including natural and organic plant and seed oil and extracts which work in unison with the essential, but smaller amounts of chemical ingredients including hydrogen peroxide and PPD, required to deliver the best possible permanent hair colour and finish.

PPD, or paraphenylenediamine, is a chemical substance widely used in oxidative hair dyes, to ensure the colour result is permanent and completely covers grey hair. The use of this chemical is strictly governed under EU regulations because it can potentially cause allergic reactions. Naturtint Permanent colours continue to contain the absolute minimum levels of PPD and adjusts these to the lowest amount necessary for each particular shade. Some other permanent brands that claim to be free from PPD use alternatives such as toluene-2,5 diamino sulphate (also known as PTD or 2,5-toluenediamine sulphate). These carry the same allergy risk and are also strictly regulated by the EU.

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Naturtint’s new formula provides long lasting colour & shine. Organic Linseed Extract is used to ensure long lasting fade resistant colour. Organic Sunflower Extract increases protection against the elements, helping to maintain a radiant colour, it continues to cover 100% of grey from the first application. Natural Hydrolysed Wheat Protein repairs hair fibres for smoother, stronger hair and reduces breakage by up to 80%. Ceramides help to ensure hair fibres are smooth and soft, lock in moisture and improve the health of your hair. Natural Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Organic Lemon Fruit Water combine to protect and care for your scalp during the colouring process, reducing flaking and dryness.

Naturtint’s colour fixing shampoo and protective conditioner are specifically designed to help your colour result last longer. The combined action of the natural and organic ingredients within the sachets provided with your colour help to seal hair cuticles, fix colour and give shine.

Naturtint’s new, leave-in, Anti-Ageing CC Cream, with Natural Baobab and Pea Extracts, help to combat the main signs of hair ageing, rebuild your hair’s natural keratin and protect your hair from damage, heat, UV and pollution for healthier, younger looking hair.

If you’re looking for a gentler colouring solution, then take a look at the Naturtint Range here: