Multi Award Winning HayMax™ is a natural balm that is applied to the base of the nose to reduce pollen entering the body. Less pollen, less sneezing, less sore eyess

My Verdict…People always think only petroleum based stuff works, how fantastic to find something natural. Max is very knowledgable and so passionate about his products !

janey-lovesIf you suffer from hayfever, HayMax is the answer.  A brilliant natural solution for the debilitating condition of hayfever.  The most important thing is that it works!   It can reduce the need for drugs so it’s perfect for sufferers that may already be taking lots of medication for hay fever and other ailments. It is an organic, drug free balm – non drowsy and can be used with drugs without interfering with them. It has won 18 awards and counting– some consumer led.  It is preventative as it is much better to stop the allergen getting in than trying to mask the effects afterwards.

Two independent studies at the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit at Worcester University showed HayMax to trap dust and pet allergens and all types of grass and tree pollen.

It’s great value for money – one pot lasts ages.  It is suitable for everyone – even for pregnant and breastfeeding women and suitable for children and teenagers.  In fact when it comes to exams, research has shown that hayfever can cause kids to drop a whole grade, and that anti-histamines can also cause them to get lower grades.

It’s very easy to find in lots of supermarkets and health food stores and online. Boots are now doubling the space for HayMax and moving it to the top shelf, while Morrisons are stocking it for the first time this year.

Doctors like it – and many doctors in the media feature it. It has had brilliant reviews in the press. The important thing to remember is that it is organic therefore it’s got to be a good thing if it’s going on your skin. Also Vegetarian Society approved.