My verdict… “an innovative natural alternative to the first aid kit – everything you need for a family trip’”

Natures Naturals, renowned for their excellent products have produced this incredibly handy family Travel Care Pack. It fully complies with Airline safety regulations and is perfect for family holidays!

It contains Celadrin Accelerator Balm, for quick headache relief, DermaBalm (a personal favourite of mine!), their Dry Salt Inhaler that helps reduce the symptoms of hay fever, allergies and much more, and pure Tea Tree essential oil for instant antiseptic treatment.

The pack also comes with a great pocket guide, detailing how to use each item, and an organic cotton pouch to keep everything together.


As with all Natures Naturals’ products the Travel Care Pack is safe for Diabetics, suitable for Vegetarians, safe for Shellfish Allergy Sufferers and safe for those prescribed with Warfarin.

None of the products in the Travel Care Pack contain any Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate,  or petrochemicals – all commonly used in many cosmetics and skin care products, which cause all manner of problems and skin rashes!

The travel pack and much more is available from