My Verdict…‘Beautifully rich creams,balms and oils with some unique products such as the wondrous Fragonia Gel with all purpose healing properties. Skincare handmade made with love!

Judith Watson has been a complementary practitioner for over 10 years, offering treatments in Bowen Therapy and Reflexology.

She wanted to develop her facial massage skills into facial treatments but realised that many of the products that were available to her weren’t as natural as she would like, and started investigating making them herself.

The result is hand made skincare that is safe enough to eat!  The products are as natural as possible and use mostly organic base ingredients with at least 99% organic or natural ingredients.   All the oils & active ingredients are chosen for their therapeutic effects and there are no cheap fillers!   The emulsifiers, which are needed to bring the ingredients together, are mainly developed from fruit or naturally occurring substances.  I said this is skincare that’s good enough to eat and In fact these emulsifiers are used in the Danish food industry to make vegan ice cream


The products are petroleum, sulphate, paraben and mineral oil free.  Importantly there is also a fragrance free version, with no essential oils.   They’re never tested on animals and no animal based ingredients are used. All but one product (a shampoo containing honey) are vegan.

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