New London Light, is a bold collection of contemporary non-alcoholic spirits and aperitifs crafted by the makers of the multi-award winning Salcombe Gin, Salcombe Distilling Co are expert distillers in the heart of Salcombe, Devon, at one of the world’s only distilleries directly accessible by boat. The collection is led by a strong association with the sea and adventure, taking inspiration from coastal locations around the world. Crafted by expert distillers who challenge the process and bring innovative flavour combinations into a new era of taste without alcohol.  


New London Light ‘First Light’ is a bold and refreshing non-alcoholic spirit which combines dry juniper, zesty ginger, habanero, bright citrus orange and sage.  ‘First Light’ is inspired by what they know best (gin) and marks the beginning of our adventure into the non-alcoholic world. 

A blend of bright orange citrus, aromatic cardamom and herbaceous rosemary and sage on the nose. An aromatic and warming balance of juniper, ginger and habanero capsicum on the palate with fragrant bitterness from sage and cascarilla bark. The finish is long and smooth with sweet orange and star anise, lengthened with floral coriander and lemongrass.  

Serve in a New London Light highball glass over plenty of ice with a premium light tonic water, garnished with a sage leaf and slice of fresh orange. 

Low calorie (3kcal/100ml) and alcohol-free, made with all-natural ingredients chosen principally for their flavour characteristics and complementary health benefits.  

For every 70cl bottle of New London Light sold in the UK, 1% of the retail price is donated to the Marine Conservation Society’s seagrass regeneration project which protects and regenerates up to 1m² of seagrass.   



‘Midnight Sun’ takes inspiration from the wild Nordic regions where daylight ventures through the night. This bottled phenomenon combines hand-picked seaberries and elderberries with the creative use of kelp and pine to give a new perspective on complex flavour combinations.  

The ultimate ‘Midnight Sun & Tonic’ is best served in a highball glass, with plenty of ice and one large measure of ‘Midnight Sun’ to three parts premium light tonic water. Garnished with two raspberries and a mint leaf to deliciously highlight its complex notes of wild coastal berries, pine, and kelp. 



Inspired by adventures in pursuit of golden horizons, ‘Aegean Sky’ captures the essence of the vibrant Mediterranean coast. Every sip of this creative combination of sun-soaked bitter citrus and olive takes you on a journey into a new world of flavour.  

The ultimate ‘Aegean Sky & Tonic’ is best served in a high ball glass, with plenty of ice and one large measure of ‘Aegean Sky’ to three parts premium light tonic water. Garnished with a sprig of rosemary and a black olive to deliciously highlight the sun-soaked bitter citrus, savoury olive and subtle floral notes.  

Sustainable and Responsible. 1% for the oceans + responsibility (good for you and good for the planet). The bottle caps are made from recycled ocean plastics.