New London Light, is a bold collection of contemporary non-alcoholic spirits and aperitifs crafted by the makers of the multi-award winning Salcombe Gin.

Salcombe Distilling Co are expert distillers in the heart of Salcombe, Devon, at one of the world’s only distilleries directly accessible by boat. They continue Salcombe’s legacy of producing outstanding handcrafted products made with an unrivalled passion, care and attention to detail. The collection is led by a strong association with the sea and adventure, taking inspiration from coastal locations around the world.

Co-founders Angus and Howard first met in Salcombe whilst working as sailing instructors at the Island Cruising Club in 1995. Here they had their ritual of a sundowner gin & tonic at the local Yacht Club overlooking the estuary, as a regular way to conclude the days sailing. Salcombe Distilling Co. was born from their common love of gin and the stunning coastal town!

New London Light is a bold collection of contemporary non-alcoholic spirits and aperitifs, challenging the process and bringing innovative flavour combinations into a new era of taste without alcohol.




New London Light ‘First Light’ is an award winning bold and refreshing non-alcoholic spirit which combines dry juniper, zesty ginger, habanero, bright citrus orange and sage. ‘First Light’ is inspired by what they know best (gin) and marks the beginning of their adventure into the non-alcoholic world. 

Blended with botanical distillates and extracts from a further 15 carefully selected botanicals including orange, sage, cardamom, cascarilla bark and lemongrass, each perfectly complementing each other to provide a complex and layered spectrum of flavour. The finish is long and smooth with sweet orange and star anise, lengthened with floral coriander and lemongrass. Serve in a New London Light highball glass over plenty of ice with a premium light tonic water, garnished with a sage leaf and slice of fresh orange. 

Low calorie (3kcal/100ml) and alcohol-free, made with all-natural ingredients chosen principally for their flavour characteristics and complementary health benefits.




‘Midnight Sun’ takes inspiration from the wild Nordic regions where daylight ventures through the night. To create the base for ‘Midnight Sun’, expert distillers hand­ sourced 6 carefully balanced botanicals including elderberry, seaberry, kelp, samphire, Icelandic moss, Alexanders flowers and bay leaf. This core flavour distillate is then carefully blended with a further 7 natural flavours including elderflower, lavender, dill, grass, sage, lingonberries and pine which is then stabilised with the use of kombucha.

Sweet yet complex berry flavours on the palate with a faint hint of salinity from kelp and samphire. Floral notes from elderflower and resinous pine provide a full spectrum of flavour.

The ultimate ‘Midnight Sun & Tonic’ is best served in a highball glass, with plenty of ice and one large measure of ‘Midnight Sun’ to three parts premium light tonic water. Garnished with two raspberries and a mint leaf to deliciously highlight its complex notes of wild coastal berries, pine, and kelp. 




Inspired by adventures in pursuit of golden horizons, ‘Aegean Sky‘ captures the essence of the vibrant Mediterranean coast. Every sip of this creative combination of sun-soaked bitter citrus and olive takes you on a journey into a new world of flavour. Bursting with bright citrus aromas of blood orange, mandarin and kumquat on the nose.

A bitter and dry finish with woody notes from quassia, balanced with herbaceous rosemary, lingering citrus, and a slightly savoury undertone olive shining through until the end. The ultimate ‘Aegean Sky & Tonic’ is best served in a high ball glass, with plenty of ice and one large measure of ‘Aegean Sky’ to three parts premium light tonic water. Garnished with a sprig of rosemary and a black olive to deliciously highlight the sun-soaked bitter citrus, savoury olive and subtle floral notes.  

Sustainable and Responsible. 1% for the oceans + responsibility (good for you and good for the planet). The bottle caps are made from recycled ocean plastics. For every bottle of Salcombe Gin and New London Light sold, they donate 7% to ocean charities here in the UK and across the water in the USA.


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