Join me and Dr Marilyn Glenville for a very special webinar dedicated to Liver Health, as you may know I collaborated with Marilyn to create a supplement that helped support the liver and balance brain chemistry after ditching the booze, but of course you don’t have to be at rock bottom or be drinking regularly before you benefit from focusing on your liver health. The liver can become sluggish not just with alcohol but also bad eating habits, medicines, lifestyle etc.


Marilyn says..

I saw a statistic the other day that people in the UK consume 5.7 billion units of alcohol between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It works out to about 156 units per person over 6 days. (A unit of alcohol is roughly the amount of alcohol the human body can process in one hour.) That is an astonishing amount of alcohol – nearly 10 times the national average consumed in a typical week (18 units per week). Unfortunately, because the behaviour is normalised, nobody thinks anything of it. We don’t consider what this might be doing to our bodies.

I teamed up with Marilyn on this webinar, as you may know that I was what’s called a “grey area” drinker,  not an alcoholic, not at rock bottom. I was successful, had lots of friends, a good family, and a career, but I was worried about the effect alcohol was having on my health. I was emotionally erratic, anxious, always waking up feeling slow and tired no matter how much I slept. I couldn’t seem to stop drinking, even when I wanted to, and was getting worried about how it was affecting my health.

Instead of supporting me, doctors said not to worry, that it was “normal.” Every time I took empty bottles to the bin, the reality was undeniable. So I implemented a few simple practical steps to help restore my liver health while supporting myself to rebalance depleted nutrient and neurotransmitter levels.

During this liver webinar Dr Marilyn will go deeper into how your liver works and the simple practical, natural steps you can take to improve your liver health, and I will tell my side of my story. I hope you will join us!

Tuesday 18th January 7:00pm – 9.00pm  



P.S. There will be a Q&A after the presentation so you can ask either myself or Dr Marilyn any of your lingering questions about liver health, lifestyle, or anything else!