Hand-made in Sweden, in small batches and using a combination of gastronomy, food tech and classic spirit making techniques. 

At Gnistas, they are lovers of a well stirred cocktail and true lovers of fine wines…. and because de-alcoholised wine isn’t very good, they launched Gnista Red, French and Italian alongside their two non-alcoholic spirits Floral Wormwood and Barreled Oak.

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Award winning Gnista spirits offer complexity, body and length, suitable to drink neat or use as a base for no/low cocktails, and they are served at some of the world’s best bars (Atlas Singapore, José Andrés NY etc.).  

Gnista is best described as a complex and intense non-alcoholic drink that resembles a fine spirit. Just like any spirit it can be sipped neat as well as used as a base for low alcoholic cocktails (mocktails). Gnista has been made possible through a unique combination of gastronomy, food tech and classic spirit making techniques, where distillation, brewing and barrel aging are central. They have created two unique flavours: 

Floral Wormwood  


Aromatic and fresh on the nose, then bitter tones of wormwood and green herbs, hints of orange peel and a floral finish. Non-alcoholic. Use as usual. As a base for non-alco cocktails, over ice with a tonic or savour on its own as an aperitif. 

Barreled Oak 


Dry and smokey, with tones of warm spices, chocolate rye and a distinct character of oak barrel. Non-alcoholic. Just like any smokey spirit. Brilliant on the rocks, mixed with soda or as a base for no/low cocktails. 

Gnista Red is NOT de-alcoholised red wine. Instead, it is crafted using similar techniques to those of their spirits. Every ingredient is there for a reason, and the purpose is to deliver a taste sensation made up of tannins, body, earth, tartness, spice and just the perfect (read not too much) sweetness 

Red Italian Not wine 


Italian #prebatch has no other wish than to offer tannins, cherries, liquorice and a woody spiciness. It doesn’t taste like a wine but will replace a medium-bodied red one. Drink Italian with BBQ, tomato dishes and red meats. Or on its own!  

Red French Not wine 


Gnista Red French style #prebatch has a perfumed nose, plenty of ripe red berries, and finishes with soft tannins and spice. Drink on its own or pair with food like with matured cheeses and jam, meze or duck/game!  

Find more info at their site or on their informative blog post HERE


You can buy from Wise Bartender  in the UK (and the Club Soda shop soon to open in central London)

Win a bottle of the globally praised Gnista Barreled Oak worth £21.50