Elixirs of Life Natural Skin, Hair & Body Care Products provide a total alternative to commercial products. Made with Love, Made with Passion, and no intention to mass produce!

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My Verdict.. A range made with passion, and great for sensitive skin



I first met Gill when I presented her with an award for one of her products, it was immediately clear her passion and enthusiasm for Aromatherapy and natural products really shine through into her work.   Her own extreme allergies inspired her to identify and experiment with the healing properties of essential oils and in time she became a qualified Aromatherapist, massage therapist and reiki practitioner.  Gill launched Elixirs of Life in 2005 after 18 months of product development.

It’s clear this range of hand made products have been made with love and they are brilliant for my sensitive skin.  The Step into Life Moisturising Foot cream contains Peppermint, tea tree and lavender and is cooling and smells divine, and despite not actually doing any gardening (ssh don’t tell) the Gardeners Life Barrier cream makes my hands feel super soft.   (it contains amongst other wondrous ingredients Calendula and Sweet Almond Oil)    I’m looking forward to getting one of the vintage inspired Marmite tins filled with 100 per cent natural lip balm and there’s a range for mum and baby, a mens range and even some natural products for pets.


There’s no mass production here, but the prices are affordable, all the products are rigorously tested and analysed so you can be sure of their safety. They are company who care about sustainability too and they use recycled materials, bottles, jars and refillable containers and don’t use aerosols,

Treat yourself to some of natures finest skincare www.elixirsoflife.co.uk