The NonToxicated mission is to connect curious consumers with brilliant brands in the alcohol free and grown-up soft drinks space! It started with two friends looking for alternatives to alcohol during lockdown which has now grown to a worldwide community of over 13000 alcohol free drinks enthusiasts.

NonToxicated App can help you explore the world of low and no alcohol drinks as well as grown up soft drinks, mixers, CBD drinks, mood enhancing drinks and Kombucha. The App has over 1000 alcohol free and low alcohol products listed making it the best place to search for all your AF needs as it is the most comprehensive Alcohol Free Drinks Directory in the UK. It has a ‘NonToxicated Recommends’ section where tried and tested products are recommended to the NonToxicated community!

The NonToxicated Facebook group was set up in October 2000 and grew quickly to currently around 7200 members across 60 different countries – it’s a place for members to share which alcohol free drinks they’re enjoying, ask for recommendations, find out about new product launches, read relevant industry news and articles and grab exclusive discounts and offers from drinks brands.

NonToxicated is an inclusive community. Members of the Facebook group may be teetotal, moderating their alcohol consumption (maybe looking to improve their fitness, health or weight) or just looking for occasional alternatives to alcohol. Everyone is welcome!

How to find them:

Download the NonToxicated App where you can buy over 1000 alcohol free drinks and browse articles

NonToxicated Facebook Group!

You can find NonToxicated here