We have the perfect gift ideas for the mum who loves and appreciates natural and organic products, whether it’s beauty, relaxation, or health! Take a look at our wonderful selection that we’ve tried, tested and loved…

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NATorigin Natural Nails

Available in 11 stunning colours and a crystal clear varnish, the high level of natural ingredients in these gorgeous nail varnishes means the enamel has a much less harsh effect and is kinder on nails and the skin surrounding nails. Ingredients have been selected for their gentle, nourishing properties and their ability to strengthen the skin and nails’ natural defences with minimal impact on nails and skin.



The Sensitive Skincare Co Dechlorinating Shower Filter

This easily fitted shower filter from The Sensitive Skincare Co completely removes chlorine and softens hard water, thereby removing the damaging and drying effects that daily showering has on skin.

A fabulous gift for Mom’s that love their daily shower –  it gives skin a daily treat by showering in water that feels as soft and clean as pure rainwater. It rehydrates for much softer, glowing, younger looking skin.

Coriander & Bergamot Candle

Africology Diffusers and Candles

For the mum who loves great style and elegance and appreciates the natural fragrance of pure essential oils.

Africology have a wonderful array of natural and elegant candles made with sustainable beeswax and scented using pure oils, these candles not only fragrance beautifully but balance, calm and uplift emotions, including 7 Chakra candles for each energy centre in the body. 536c61d6295a919e81ea6faa1a4da9c1

AEOS Biodynamic Nail and Cuticle Oil

For mums that love to take care of their hands or with hands that need some tlc! Achieve strong, healthy-looking nails and soften cuticles with just a drop of this magical 100% natural and biodynamic oil in a handy pen style application.

Rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, biodynamic poppy, sunflower and spelt oil for the ultimate nurturing therapy. Uniquely, AEOS oils are harnessed with CO2 extraction methods to maintain their full potency and regular use will keep hands and nails beautiful.



Silvan Skincare Soothe Face Oil

A really great gift for the mom who loves natural nurturing skincare with a luxury feel! 

Multi award-winning Soothe Face Oil is made with 8 organic plant oils, rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, with gentle citrus blossom essential oilsThis face oil is great for all skin types as the gentle ingredients won’t irritate, it really softens skin and is perfect as part of a winter skincare regime, just smooth and press the oil gently onto skin after cleansing, with a light massaging touch.



Tiana Rose Coconut Moisturiser

More than 300 active nutrients take care of mature and sensitive skin. This gorgeous rose scented cream is an absolute pleasure to use and can be used as day moisturiser, night cream or around the eyes. For coconut (and rose scented) beauty fans!


OMGTEA’s Premium Matcha Tea

The best organic ceremonial tea sourced from the very best matcha leaves from Japan and graded by intensity. Matcha is known to burn calories, increase energy levels and endurance, relax your mind and body, and is celebrated for its anti-ageing & detoxifying properties.

A great gift for foodies and mums who’d love a healthy option for their daily cuppa. Available as a beautiful gift set including premium grade AAA Organic matcha 30g, bamboo whisk & matcha serving spoon.

The ideal gift for health-conscious mums everywhere!