It’s getting close to Mothers Day, this Sunday 27th March, but a few last minute ideas, if they don’t arrive in time, give her a ‘coming soon’ note!  (or just treat yourself)

AEOS create special skincare that is an absolute luxury and treat, they use spagyric tinctures of crystals, paired with cutting-edge skincare formulas, for skincare that goes beyond essential nutrients that aid a beautiful complexion, but also supports emotional well-being through colour and scent – imagine skincare that can have a direct beneficial effect on the human energy field. For Mum’s who love natural skincare that is truly effective.

Tiana Rose Coconut Moisturiser has more than 300 active nutrients to take care of mature and sensitive skin. Their gorgeous rose scented cream is an absolute pleasure to use and can be used as a day moisturiser, night cream or around the eyes. For coconut (and rose scented) beauty fans!

Shui Me Organic Reed Diffusers are multi award winning diffusers hand-blended with TLC (therapeutic loving care). Created to bring a luxury spa experience into the comfort of any home, each therapeutic blend supports a different aspect for wellbeing. Designed with a particular room in the house in mind, for stillness, tranquillity, balance, or positive energy, a fragrance lovers most wanted gift! Natural, healthy home fragrance packaged beautifully.

We love the Plum & Avocado Cleanser from Handmade Naturals,high in amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E, and oleic and linoleic acid, which all help renew the complexion and help maintain healthy skin, it’s perfect for dry & mature skin. Complete with Replenishing Face Cream with super nourishing ingredients which will leave skin feeling velvety soft.

On another note ….but kinda connected, if you want to heal your relationship with your mother, (even if she has passed away!) check out Family Constellations – it can be very therapeutic.  If you are ready to make positive changes, absolutely no experience is necessary to join, but rather an open mind and a willingness to participate, and it’s not ‘acting’ or psychodrama, but it can be profound.

Sunday 27th March 2022
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