Research tells us that older people do worse on memory tests, if they are reminded just before taking the test that people their age sometimes struggle to remember things. Older people are surrounded by negative images and attitudes about ageing. These affect how they see the potential of their later years.


Getting older can mean getting healthier, happier, more confident, stronger and fitter and Upliness is an online subscription website created by Jane Thurnell-Read as a solution for anyone and everyone wanting a more optimistic future, embracing life’s journey. Upliness can give you all the tools and support to show you how.



Jane is 73 years old. She started Upliness because she was fed up with all the negativity around ageing. She has an Instagram account (@thrivingjane) where she posts gym videos and pictures of the food she eats. Many followers say she is inspiring, and she wants to inspire people in their fifties onwards to understand and believe they can find health and happiness as they age. – Jane’s blog on health, happiness and well-being

Upliness shows you how to keep your mind active and agile, to reduce the chances of becoming dependent on others. It covers exercise and fitness, stress reduction, food and nutrition, giving advice and insights on how to age well. There are inspirational real life stories from people who are doing interesting and motivational things in their older years.




Listen to trusted doctors, psychologists, experts, coaches and personal trainers with their interviews. They also give top tips for motivation, sleep, money, purpose, hobbies, confidence, and love and relationships.

The website is updated regularly without adverts and promotions. There are monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions at a really great price, once you subscribe you can get access to 14 different courses to help you live your best life.

You can try free for 28 days – no credit card required. 

Upliness (Creating Vibrant, Realistic Age-Specific Role Models) was announced as a winner in the Silver Linings  competition –


Silver Lining Circle PH Square

Silver Linings is a competition addressing the fact that care for the older generations needs investable ideas to ensure beneficiaries are provided for, and that this provision is sustainable.

Launched on January 18th by Responsible Investor, the sustainable finance media company, in collaboration with Sally Bridgeland, FIA (trustee, non-executive director and adviser), and Dr Rachel Melsom, MBBS, BSc. (Director, Medical Matrix Consulting, and practicing physician with a special interest in Older Persons Care).

The Silver Linings Competition aims to rethink how older generations can live. It was looking for ideas on how life, as we become older, can be re-thought, re-worked, joined-up and, importantly, financed. It aims to find new investable solutions by bringing together and harnessing the best ideas from technology, architecture, finance, health and care provision. The goal is for financially, socially and environmentally sustainable and accessible care for the older generations, ultimately improving quality of life and wellbeing.