We are thrilled to have Pure & Light Organic Skincare as sponsors of our 2019 Platinum Awards, Pure & Light Organic Skincare create intelligent skincare that simplifies your life!


Their complex formulations have the ability to sense and intelligently adapt to your unique skin condition and its ever-changing requirements. They create products that are made from the same kind of complex organisms that intelligently adapt to your skin – whether it’s hyper-sensitive, dry, dull, dehydrated, mature, oily, blemished or eczema-prone. The result is gorgeous skincare products that will carry you through any time of year.

Our skin ‘type’ can be different things at different times, both oily with sensitive dry patches or calm and combination in the summer months but breaking out in the harsh climate of winter. I know mine changes with the seasons. The unique beauty of Pure & Light Organic Skincare is that it’s formulated by merging aromatherapy, homeopathy and herbal medicine to create 100% natural complex formulations that have the ability to adapt to your unique skin condition. 


The brilliant formulations are a result of founder Agnes Donazy’s comprehensive knowledge of natural healing, as well as her highly developed spiritual training. She designs and crafts each product, using the highest amount of certified organic active ingredients, to bring out your own inner light, returning your skin to its natural radiance!

Agnes believes that skin has an intelligence, as a living, breathing, complex organism that is continually changing. Most skincare products work to fix, cover up, or compensate for our skin’s condition but this means they can often be too greasy or too harsh and fight against the body’s natural balancing process – not so with Pure & Light Organic, these products work synergistically with your skin to support and promote its ability to sustain health for vibrant glowing skin.



Agnes has a sixth sense when it comes to intimately understanding the energy or spirit within plants as well as humans. She has finely tuned this sensibility to the point of “gnosis” or the mastery of spiritual insight, which she uses to select the perfect combination, proportion, and potency of ingredients for her formulations. She also uses a process of “energetic light infusion” to boost the natural beneficial energies within the ingredients and to enhance the very essence of the products.

Beautiful skincare that simplifies your skincare regime and results in great looking skin.

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