Jo De Rosa knows all there is to know about addiction; to alcohol, cigarettes, food, partying, and other substances. The founder and author of ‘Quantum Sobriety’ calls herself a previous ‘functioning addict’ and experienced addiction for years, hiding her problem to many people in her life as she led a dual existence as a party girl/yoga teacher. Now Jo is on a mission to change the conversation around addiction and has many offerings in her ‘Quantum Sobriety’ approach including meditation downloads, a book, online programme and residential retreats.

Jo is also embracing a different way of eating for 12 months and will be blogging about her experience….here is an account by Jo of why she has chosen this way….

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Time To Be A Guinea Pig 

I’m yearning to step out of my comfort zone
Challenge myself
To LISTEN to my body
…and what she is asking for is radical

I’ve been on a journey with food for the last 20 years. Walking into a detox centre in Thailand back in the year 2000 to do a yoga teacher training, but actually stepping into a whole new world that I’d never heard of before. In that same year I met raw food specialists and begun learning about fasting, detoxification, and healing the body on the deepest level.  I’ve been playing around with these ideas since then. Gradually refining my eating habits, opening the retreat centre with Dominic six years ago, and enjoying the ‘clean’ diet we share with our guests.  And what we do IS healthy
What we do IS a fantastic way of living
But I am one for pushing boundaries, I always have been since a child a nd as I said in the disclaimer at the top of this message I am in no way saying that this is right for everyone and this blog will be a teaching in how to discern what is right for YOU
I am not rushing into anything
The journey to this point has taken nearly 20 years
And my new eating protocol will begin on my birthday, 13th May
Just in case I change my mind
But of course I won’t
I am ready
The idea has gained momentum, energy, and brought excitement for the next level and having Dominic’s full support makes all the difference to what is going to be a challenging year

As already stated I am not rushing into anything, my new eating protocol will begin on 13th May, so what am I going to be doing?

jo making another smoothie (1)

In a months time I am going to begin a journey of eating ‘Mucus Free’ Foods that form mucus in the body are out & I plan to eat raw for 90% of the year, but am giving myself some wiggle room should I feel the need to pull back slightly; for this way of eating will peel back layers and detox every cell, the going may get tough!

This is an experiment, I’ve done some research dabbled with ‘Mucus Free’ over the last six months. I’ll explain more over the coming weeks about what ‘Mucus Free’ means, I have absolutely NO IDEA what is going to happen, but am super excited about the next 12 months (and a bit scared)
When I think about doing this my whole body vibrates at a higher level, which is how I know this is the next step for me.

It is similar to my decision to stop drinking, I planned that out in the same way. Gave myself a date and stuck to it,  I knew it would be challenging
but that I was up for said challenge, that my soul was calling out for an upgrade….
And that NOW is the time

So I’ll be blogging and doing videos about this crazy journey
The good the bad and the very ugly
The highs the lows and when it gets incredibly intense,  I need to know what is on the other side of this. How I could feel, What my life will be like committed to this level of health

I’ve been alcohol, sugar, grain, animal, processed foods free for years
And noticed that my energy levels have soared. How high could they go though
Who will I be in a year? I need to know that.
Instinctively I already know, I have touched in on a magic already when I have had periods of high fruit / juicing / fasting etc.  In meditation there is an alignment when I get into the energy of this commitment I’m about to make

I JUST KNOW THAT I NEED TO DO THIS  I have no idea what is on the other side of this next year, and there is no need to know. Only that for now this is the right decision

So I guess this may be a bit of a warning!  For anyone who comes on retreat at Inner Guidance you will see me eating differently to everybody else, and I have now come to terms with this and given myself PERMISSION to experiment and push my boundaries; knowing that if I don’t like it I can come back to how I currently eat.

SO just to be clear. don’t worry, if you come on retreat, YOU will still be eating cooked gourmet vegan meals
None of this will be pushed upon YOU

Dominic is still eating as we have done for the past six years
There is nothing wrong with the way we currently eat
And we will continue to serve our amazing food as we always have, with the IG recipe book gathering momentum once more!

Inner Guidance salad (1)


However, if YOU are interested in diving into raw/mucus free yourself then why not come on our Juice Fast retreat (details here), which is a fantastic start and where I will be going into more detail about my own food journey over the last 20 years, and just what has led me to this momentous moment. 😉

Jo De Rosa