Here are my top handmade DIY recipes to get you ready and sparkling for the New Year parties – the natural way!

Refresh your skin before a party with a Toner or Skin Spritzer


Toners will remove any make-up traces, refresh the skin and work as an astringent to balance the skin’s own pH level. For normal or combination skin, try fresh cucumber juice. Peel half a cucumber, juice and immediately apply to your skin for a wonderful natural glow.

Aroma Toner with Myrrh

Lavender and Myrrh work well together (yes, Myrrh of wise men fame) and produce a healing antiseptic toner for oily or blemished skin:
– 100 ml Lavender water
– 10 drops Myrrh essential oil

Apply with cotton wool to clean skin or add to a spritzer bottle for a refreshing spray that will keep skin fresh all night long!

Party Hair

Keep your hair in place without toxic chemicals

Non-toxic New Year Party Hair-fixer

– 25 ml filtered water
– 25 ml lemon juice
– 10 g of sugar
– 1 drop vodka to preserve

Add to a small pump spray bottle and spritz away! If it doesn’t seem to ‘fix’, add more sugar (better than eating it!!)

Store handmade natural skincare leftovers as you would fresh food without preservatives.